The Challenge: Amber M reveals favorite Double Agents castmate, possible dating situation

amber martinez during the challenge double agents reunion
Rookie Amber M appears at The Challenge: Double Agents reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Amber M of The Challenge: Double Agents proved herself to be one of the intriguing new rookies on Season 36 due to her ability to call out castmates and survive relatively deep into the game before an elimination.

She had several feuds revealed during the reunion specials but also made some close friends from the cast. Even though she didn’t win daily challenges or her elimination, she seemed to gain her fair share of fans after appearing on the show.

During a recent Q&A session, she answered several fans’ questions online, including sharing who she became closest to during Double Agents and if she’s currently single or seeing someone.

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Amber reveals her favorite Double Agents castmate

In the early parts of the Double Agents season, an alliance formed, including Amber M, Gabby Allen, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, and Amber Borzotra. That alliance, known as the Itty Bitty Committee, made it a point to target veteran competitors, such as Tori Deal, who felt they were “layups” or easy elimination wins.

It became clear that Amber Borzotra wasn’t really working with them as much as they thought, and it was revealed she was more in an alliance with the Big Brother stars. That led to Amber M. calling her out for being shady or lying about things to her. Amber M. talked about it more off the show during her YouTube video recaps, and then the topic returned during the Double Agents reunion.

Several of Amber M’s castmates had her back at the reunion, including Aneesa Ferreira, Gabby, and Big T. The latter of those castmates were featured via Zoom video calls and weren’t at the event in person, which Amber mentioned was tough not to have them there to hang out with again.

Based on her early alliance and seeing her friendships blossom with several castmates, it’s no surprise that she pointed out two specific individuals as her favorites: Big T and Gabby.

the challenge star amber m answers questions on instagram
Pic credit: @ambaaa_/Instagram Story

In another slide it seems Big T may have sent in a question of her own, asking Amber’s “Fave thing about Big Favvy?”

“Mhmmm I have a lot but I’m going to say your Big ❤️ & Big…. Personality,” Amber wrote in her answer.

It seemed the two castmates really hit it off during The Challenge, as one scene early in the season featured Big T opening up to castmates, including Devin Walker, Kyle Christie, and Amber, about the loss of both her parents. It was an emotional moment that made many people appreciate another side of Big T that she hadn’t shared before.

the challenge amber m answers ig question about big t
Pic credit: @ambaaa_/Instagram Story

As Double Agents was airing, Amber M also did weekly recap videos for most episodes on her YouTube channel alongside her cousin Kimmy. In a few of those recap videos, Big T was with them because she came to visit.

Based on cast speculation for Season 37, it appears that Amber M won’t be back at least for that season, but her bestie Big T has been listed amongst the rumored cast members.

Is Amber M single or dating someone?

One storyline hinted at in trailer footage but never shown during episodes was Amber and fellow rookie Mechie Harris’ showmance. The two were apparently getting to know one another before Fessy Shafaat was getting to know Gabby. However, the Fessy and Gabby story got more attention and footage.

Some Amber and Mechie making out footage was shown as part of the Double Agents reunion briefly, in a highlight reel of cast hookups. Still, the storyline wasn’t something even included during the season. Mechie and Amber were teammates for a portion of the season until Mechie was eliminated by Josh Martinez in Double Agents Episode 8.

Based on Amber’s answer during the reunion, it doesn’t seem that she and Mechie kept things going after Double Agents filming ended. However, Amber may not be single at the moment either.

“Are you Single? Or are you in a relationship?” someone’s question to Amber asked.

“I’m happy ?,” The Challenge rookie wrote on a slide of a video in which she may have been thinking about a significant other.

the challenge amber m answers fan questions online
Pic credit: @ambaaa_/Instagram Story

Amber, who previously appeared on the Are You the One? Come One, Come All show, didn’t reveal anything more beyond that but clearly is in a good place at the moment.

Her biggest supporters will hope to see her make a return to The Challenge at some point in the future. It seems like a strong possibility based on how much she was featured in Double Agents episodes and several heated reunion segments.

The Challenge Season 37 is TBA for 2021 on MTV.

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