The Challenge alum Briana LaCuesta expecting first child with her boyfriend, castmates react

the challenge alum briana lacuesta during dirty 30 season
Briana LaCuesta during The Challenge: Dirty 30 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Briana LaCuesta, who appeared in two seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Luis Romero, which she recently revealed to friends and fans online.

In a photo series on social media, the former Are You The One? and Challenge cast member revealed that she was expecting, as she showed off pregnancy tests and other items.

She also praised her boyfriend and mother for helping her through the early part of her pregnancy, including a lot of “being nauseous.”

Briana LaCuesta reveals pregnancy to friends and fans

Former Challenge competitor Briana LaCuesta shared, “it’s been three long months” in her recent Instagram photo post, which reveals she’s expecting a baby.

Her series of pics starts with a meme featuring an orangutan and the words, “I was told there would be glowing.” Other photos include pregnancy tests, her sonogram images, and even some baby-sized Vans for her newborn to wear in style.

“I’d like to thank my very patient, gracious, loving, and caring boyfriend @chefleech for waiting on me hand and foot and listening to me constantly say ‘I don’t feeeeel good’ and making me food and snacks BUT he did make broccoli one time and I woke up out of a nap ready to projectile vomit,” Briana shared in her IG caption.

She also called her mother her “lord and savior,” as she praised mom for dealing with her “psychotic-ness” and forcing her to eat when she didn’t want to.

“Anyways, if you’ve heard me say I don’t feel good and thought I was sick, you were right, sick of being nauseous all the time. Be nice to me,” Briana finished her caption with.

In addition to photos to reveal her pregnancy, Briana also included some funny quotes and memes.

“Next pregnancy I’ve decided I want to be the Dad,” one of the IG post’s screenshots says.

Briana becomes the latest Challenge alum to reveal a pregnancy, as All Stars 2 cast member Casey Cooper discovered she was pregnant while filming the spinoff season months ago. Casey shared the news before the season, and it came up during an episode as Casey took pregnancy tests and discovered she was pregnant.

Challenge castmates react to Briana’s news

With Briana appearing on several MTV reality shows, it means she has many former castmates and friends from those days. Several Are You The One? and Challenge alum congratulated Briana on the big news.

“OMGGGGGGG congrats sister!!!!!! You are gunna be one amazing mommy! ❤️ so happy for you!!!!!” Challenge castmate Amanda Garcia commented.

“Love u sister!!!” Briana replied.

amanda garcia of the challenge congratulates briana lacuesta
Pic credit: @brilacuesta/Instagram

Another Challenge castmate, Jemmye Carroll, called it an “Iconic announcement” in the comments.

jemmye carroll congratulates briana lacuesta pregnancy news
Pic credit: @brilacuesta/Instagram

The Challenge: All Stars’ Kendal Sheppard also offered her congratulations and said she was excited for Briana.

kendal sheppard congratulates briana lacuesta
Pic credit: @brilacuesta/Instagram

Other Challenge alum and castmates leaving Briana their congratulations included Darrell Taylor, Ammo Hall, Dario Medrano, Kam Williams, and Nicole Zanatta.

Briana appeared in AYTO, The Challenge seasons

The 29-year-old Briana LaCuesta is a former cast member from MTV’s Are You The One? Season 2, where she got matched up with Brandon Tindel. However, she disliked her match immensely, and that made for good TV when he was paired up with her on The Challenge: Rivals.

Unfortunately for Briana, Brandon started missing his girlfriend back home and decided to quit the show, which meant Briana also had to go. They got dismissed in Episode 4, with TJ Lavin delivering his famous “hope to see you never” line. TJ recalled that moment in a Challenge video last year.

Briana would return to compete on The Challenge: Dirty 30 season, but this time she got on the show as a replacement for Ashley Mitchell early on.

Within the first few episodes, Briana went into elimination against Britni Thornton, and the two competed in Balls to the Wall, which Britni won. Despite a redemption twist that season, Briana didn’t get back into the game a few episodes later and was eliminated.

Since then, Briana never returned to compete on The Challenge, giving her an absence of about five years from the show.

That said, she’s now expecting her first child, which should keep her busy for a while. However, should that All Stars spinoff series continue on Paramount Plus, maybe Briana could make a surprise return to The Challenge.

The Challenge is currently on hiatus from MTV and is expected to return in 2022.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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