The Challenge: All Stars’ Casey Cooper shares update as she ‘impatiently’ awaits arrival of her baby

casey cooper in the challenge all stars 2 episode 7
Casey Cooper discovered she was pregnant while filming The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

Casey Cooper from The Challenge: All Stars 2 is preparing for the arrival of her first child and is now a few months away from having her baby.

In an update for friends, fans, and colleagues, she said she’s anticipating her baby’s arrival and showed off several new sonogram images from several weeks ago.

The Challenge star, who originally appeared on MTV’s Fresh Meat season, said she also knows the baby’s gender but hasn’t shared it yet, although some astute individuals may have already figured it out.

Casey Cooper shares pregnancy update

Several months ago, The Challenge: All Stars’ Casey Cooper revealed she and her fiance were expecting their first child together.

Now she’s in the homestretch, as she’s 29 weeks pregnant, based on a hashtag she added to an Instagram update. Casey also mentioned she is “impatiently awaiting this baby’s arrival,” and the “kicking is nonstop.” However, things seem to be moving along well with the baby’s room.

“My mood for the next few months while I impatiently await this baby’s arrival. Nursery is in full swing, registry is ever evolving, kicking is nonstop and the closet is overflowing (as it should be for any baby that truly is mine lol). Swipe through for baby’s 2nd sonogram visit pics we got a few weeks ago,” Casey shared.

“Also, we’ve known the gender since September for those of you who have asked. I haven’t made a big to do out of it on IG but I think once the nursery is painted you might figure it out if you haven’t already ?. Stay tuuuuunnneeeeddddd,” Casey also said in her Instagram caption.

Weeks after revealing her pregnancy online to fans, Casey also got married. According to People’s report, she and Kyle Toups, who the Challenge: All Stars 2 viewers saw make a cameo in an episode, tied the knot in Woodlands, Texas.

Casey’s pregnancy news arrived during All Stars 2 filming

Casey Cooper received the surprising news she was pregnant while filming for The Challenge: All Stars 2 in Cancun, Mexico. In All Stars 2, Episode 7, she mentioned feeling quite tired lately and feeling like something was up.

A segment of the episode showed Casey heading to a bathroom to take a pregnancy test privately and then exiting with a look on her face. During her confessional interview, she said she was “fairly certain” that “there’s a very solid chance” she could be pregnant. It was soon revealed when she placed a call home to her fiance Kyle that she was, in fact, pregnant.

That was fantastic news for Casey and her fiance as far as them expecting their first child together. However, Casey also had a teammate in the game, Cohutta Grindstaff, and according to TJ Lavin, they were “bonded together.”

At the elimination later, TJ revealed that Casey could no longer continue in the game. It also meant Cohutta had to leave due to the All Stars 2 teammate stipulation.

Even with that, Cohutta didn’t get upset and said in his Episode 7 confessional that he understood “some things in life are bigger than The Challenge,” and that includes “starting your own family.”

As far as Casey goes, she mentioned during her appearance on MTV’s Official Podcast that she feels going out with the pregnancy news would be a “decent” story to end her Challenge career with. Still, she also said, “never say never” as far as returning to compete again someday.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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