The Challenge spoilers: Casey Cooper shares that All Stars 2 castmates knew she was pregnant before the Arena

casey cooper during the challenge all stars 2 episode 7
Casey Cooper speaks during her exit interview on The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

During The Challenge: All Stars 2 season, viewers saw Fresh Meat star Casey Cooper return to the game after appearing on the MTV competition show over a decade ago.

In the Fresh Meat star’s return, she quickly proved herself as she won a daily challenge, helped orchestrate a power move in the game, and showed she was ready to compete in most daily missions.

Competitors saw her nominated for elimination more than a few times but never officially went in. However, she realized she was pregnant during the season, which changed things for her and her teammate.

This report will feature spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars 2 up through Episode 7 of the season.

All Stars 2 brought big surprise for Casey Cooper

During The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 7, footage showed Casey Cooper heading to a bathroom with a pregnancy test. She later returned and revealed to her fiance Kyle via a video call back home that she was pregnant.

As revealed during the episode, Casey said she wasn’t sure how this would impact her or her teammate, Cohutta Grindstaff, going forward in the game. They were amongst elimination nominees, but castmates ended up voting in the other team, Nehemiah Clark and Melinda Collins.

At the Arena elimination event, host TJ Lavin shared that there wouldn’t be an elimination event, but a team was going home.

He revealed that Casey could no longer continue in the game. She broke down in tears, sharing the news with everyone that she was pregnant. That brought a celebration from her castmates, who congratulated her on the news.

Unfortunately, TJ also revealed that due to Cohutta being “bonded” with Casey as her teammate, he would have to leave the season too. The former Real World star and Challenge fans reacted to that decision online, questioning why Cohutta couldn’t have stayed.

Many fans believe that the men already in the elimination matchup, Teck Holmes and Nehemiah Clark, could’ve faced off, and then Cohutta could have teamed up with the loser’s partner. However, that didn’t happen, and the King’s Palace members were both safe in the game.

Casey said castmates knew about pregnancy before The Arena

Following the All Stars 2 episode release, Casey Cooper joined Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal as their guest on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast.

In Episode 7, Casey seemed to surprise her castmates at the Arena with the news of her pregnancy, and Aneesa asked how she kept it a secret. However, that wasn’t the case. She revealed to Tori and Aneesa that several people knew, and the information spread around a bit before the elimination event.

“Jodi [Weatherton] was the first person that actually knew, and that’s why she was trying to fight Brad [Fiorenza] a little,” Casey shared, referring to them having the power to choose nominees for elimination.

“Jonna [Mannion] and Jasmine [Reynaud], they were both in my room, so they had known I was waiting on taking a pregnancy test,” she said, adding she told Jonna later at dinner.

“I think it was Jonna. It could’ve been Janelle [Casaneve], but I’m fairly certain it was Jonna that then told the entire rest of the alliance,” Casey revealed.

Casey revealed she told castmates to “stick to the plan” with the vote so the King’s Palace members would face off in the elimination later. She said she felt confident the elimination would still happen. Casey believed she and Cohutta would at least go to the next daily challenge, and that’s when it would be revealed she couldn’t continue in the season. She felt Cohutta would have to wait for a teammate with her departure.

Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out, and Cohutta ended up going home along with Casey, based on the season format and rules. Casey was upset that it cost Cohutta his spot in the game and also mentioned she went into this season ready to compete.

Tori asked Casey if she might consider returning for another season of The Challenge: All Stars after her baby is born and she has some time away. Casey didn’t rule out the possibility but said she has a major highlight to end her Challenge career with if she chooses to.

“Never say never. Like if I was gonna end it, I think that this would be a decent one to end it on,” Casey told Aneesa and Tori on the podcast.

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