The Challenge alum Ashley Kelsey enjoys beach with daughter Snoh, friends Taylor Selfridge and Mila Wharton

ashley kelsey with daughter snoh in malibu
Former Challenge winner Ashley Kelsey with her daughter Snoh in Malibu. Pic credit: @ashleymariekelsey/Instagram

Ashley Kelsey from MTV’s The Real World and The Challenge showed off new photos and video from her latest beach excursion with her daughter Snoh.

The former Challenge winner and her daughter wore colorful attire on the beach, with Ashley in a skimpy string bikini and Snoh in an adorable pink suit with shapes on it.

The duo wasn’t alone in their fun in the sun and water either, as The Challenge star Cory Wharton’s girlfriend Taylor Selfridge and her daughter Mila joined them.

Ashley Kelsey shares Malibu beach pics and video

Dressed in a vivid string bikini featuring a red checkered pattern with other colorful designs, Ashley Kelsey was all smiles as she held her daughter Snoh on the beach in Malibu, California.

Snoh is surveying the surroundings in the first several pics while wearing a pink suit featuring small black, white, blue, and red shapes scattered on it.

In Ashley’s third slide, she shares a video as she helps Snoh take steps on the beach sand. Mila Wharton makes her first appearance as she walks on her own towards Snoh, then seems to run off looking for her mom, Taylor Selfridge.

Taylor shows up in Ashley’s final photo of the series, holding Snoh and amusing her, possibly by playing some hide and seek with her sunglasses or making funny faces.

Ashley welcomed Snoh last June in Rochester Hills, Michigan, with her boyfriend, NFL running back Kerryon Johnson.

“Kerryon came up with her name and I just loved it. We wanted something unique and beautiful, and it fits her perfectly,” says Kelsey, 34. “Becoming a mom is so surreal. You see her tiny little face and just melt. I’ve just been staring at her since the minute I gave birth. I’m so in love,” Ashley said in a People exclusive.

One of the comments Ashley received on her IG post came from Tiny Tribe, as they complimented how “cute” Snoh looks in their swimsuit, prompting Ashley to reply they make “the cutest bikinis.”

ashley kelsey comments about snoh bathing suit
Pic credit: @ashleymariekelsey/Instagram

Fans react to Ashley’s beach post, praising Snoh

Many fans and followers left comments on Ashley Kelsey’s latest IG share, complimenting the adorable photos and leaving other thoughts about the beach trip for the two women and their daughters.

“Love seeing the posts of Snoh and you,” one fan commented.

fan comments on ashley kelsey beach pics
Pic credit: @ashleymariekelsey/Instagram

One commenter praises Ashley’s daughter as “so precious” in the latest photos from Malibu.

fan praises ashley kelsey daughter snoh
Pic credit: @ashleymariekelsey/Instagram

“That bathing suit on Snoh. What a fun day!” another follower said in praise of Snoh’s look.

fan praises ashley kelsey daughter snoh bathing suit
Pic credit: @ashleymariekelsey/Instagram

Ashley Kelsey, 35, originally appeared on MTV’s The Real World: San Diego alongside castmates including Frank Sweeney, Zach Nichols, and Sam McGinn. She appeared on several seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, winning Battle of the Seasons in 2012 with those very castmates.

Ashley also appeared in the Champs vs. Pros spinoff of The Challenge, during which she raised $1,000 for charity.

Since then, she’s been away from the MTV shows, focusing on raising her daughter alongside boyfriend Kerryon Johnson. However, one has to wonder if she could return for a future season of the All Stars spinoff, something other OG Challengers have done that have families.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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