The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll reacts to castmate Zach Nichols’ ‘hate tweet’ following her interview comments

jemmye carroll on her youtube channel
Jemmye Carroll appeared in seven seasons of MTV’s The Challenge. Pic credit: Jemmye Carroll/YouTube

When it comes to favorite Challenge castmates, Zach Nichols and Jemmye Carroll will likely never be on each other’s shortlists.

After Jemmye gave her thoughts in an interview about why she doesn’t want anything to do with Jenna Compono or her husband, Zach fired off a mean tweet about her days later.

That prompted Jemmye to respond with a few tweets of her own, reacting to Zach’s rude remark about her, and continuing her stance that she won’t be on friendly terms with him or his wife.

Jemmye spoke about her situation with Jenna and Zach

While appearing on the Mike Lewis Podcast earlier this month, The Challenge: All Stars’ Jemmye Carroll explained how her issues with Jenna Compono started, suggesting it was primarily due to Jenna’s husband, Zach Nichols.

The three were castmates on multiple seasons of MTV’s show. Jemmye said she originally liked Jenna as a person and that Zach was also her ex-boyfriend Ryan Knight’s best friend, so they had a “lot of history.” However, over time things went awry with the relationship based on how Zach was acting on social media with his views about the world.

“At the end of the day, with everything- the climate that we’re in with everything going on, I couldn’t just stand by and let Zach be a f***ing d**k on Twitter and not say anything. Like it just did not feel right to me to still be friends with someone that was so vocally [that way],” Jemmye explained during the interview.

“I know Zach has his issues, but it’s like, ‘You are not learning. You’re still the piece of s**t human that you were years ago when the rest of us are trying to grow and learn, and not, you know, be the people that we were,'” she added.

“I don’t care how nice Jenna is. I don’t care how kind Jenna is. She’s an extension of Zach. She chose to marry and breed with that man, so her views are the same,” Jemmye told Mike Lewis.

“As much as I do love them as humans at times, I can’t overlook how they politically look at other humans,” she said.

Check out Jemmy’s full interview comments about Jemmye and Zach, starting at the 20:58 mark in the YouTube video below.

Jemmye did seven regular seasons of The Challenge, starting with her rookie season, Battle of the Seasons, in 2012. She and Zach were castmates during six of her seasons, with the others including Rivals II, Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, Vendettas, and Final Reckoning.

Final Reckoning was Jemmye’s last MTV season and featured an early exit. She teamed up with her rival Jenna, but the pair didn’t complete the premiere episode’s daily challenge, immediately sending them to the Redemption House. They’d get a chance to get back in the game but got eliminated in Episode 4.

Since then, Jemmye hasn’t returned to the MTV show but popped up on the premiere season of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars. She also hasn’t shied away from making her thoughts known about Zach and Jemmye following her departure from the MTV seasons.

Zach fired off tweet about Jemmye after interview

Jemmye’s interview comments must have got to Zach at some point after her appearance on the podcast, as he fired off a tweet about his former castmate five days later.

“Only two things in the world smell like tuna, and one of them is Jemmye,” Zach tweeted on March 8, which also happened to be International Women’s Day.

zach nichols mean tweet about challenge castmate
Pic credit: @ZNichols15/Twitter

Jemmye responds to Zach’s ‘mean tweet’

Jemmye tweeted out a few responses regarding Zach’s comment. Jemmye’s first tweet showed several photos of her dressed up and looking professional, possibly for some Challenge promotional work.

“Can’t respond to your hate tweet atm. I’m booked and busyyyy,” she wrote, using a money bag emoji with the message.

In another tweet, she retweeted a fan who summed up what she said during the Mike Lewis Podcast. Jemmye agreed with their summary, saying, “That’s all I said about them and he’s losing his mind on #InternationalWomensDay ?.”

jemmye carroll tweets about zach nichols mean tweet
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Jemmye explained in her interview with Mike Lewis that in 2014 when her ex and castmate Ryan Knight passed away and before that, she and Zach were friends because “that was a whole different time.”

However, in the present day, Jemmye has made a firm decision that she won’t put up with Zach’s sentiments and comments on social media and can’t be friends with Jenna due to her association with him.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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