The Challenge: All Stars’ Ruthie Alcaide gives update on drama with castmate: ‘I wish I could trust her’

ruthie alcaide in the challenge all stars season
The Challenge: All Stars’ Ruthie Alcaide gives a confessional interview. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars season still has a reunion coming up, with the potential for the cast members there to give plenty of explanations, inside details, and dirt about themselves or others.

However, many are giving updates about situations here or there online, and that includes Ruthie Alcaide. Fresh off her great spinoff season, the former Real World: Hawaii star took time to answer fan questions about the show.

More than a few questions with answers she shared were about The Challenge. That included a few fans asking for an update on her situation with Aneesa Ferreira following their All Stars drama.

Ruthie and castmate had Challenge history, drama on All Stars

Viewers who may have thought All Stars would have no drama and just fun times were mistaken. Several arguments or blowups occurred during the first several episodes and later into the season’s nine episodes.

That included an early blowup in All Stars Episode 3 involving Ruthie Alcaide and Aneesa Ferreira. The way the footage showed it, Ruthie was feeling as if Aneesa was ignoring her during group conversations and pretending she didn’t exist.

In one piece of footage during Episode 3, Aneesa is overheard saying, “Ruthie is a mess.”

“She plays this game paranoid every single time,” Aneesa was shown telling several castmates outside at nighttime.

Ruthie was in a nearby room and walked outside during that conversation and told Aneesa to “go f**k yourself.”

Footage also flashed back to a previous season they appeared together on, The Duel 2 in 2009. During that, Aneesa said in a confessional she’d be “lying” if she said she was going to look out for Ruthie and not herself first.

Ruthie continued to pace back and forth during the All Stars episode after Aneesa said “It’s just a projection” and Ruthie would be back to normal by morning. In her confessional, Ruthie said all the little things including Aneesa acting as if she didn’t exist caused her to reach a breaking point.

“Even if it’s a little thing, like it’s a constant thing. Just ignoring me when I’m trying to like talk in a conversation with a bunch of the girls. Just, like completely acting like I don’t exist. And I’m just like ‘I had it.’ At some point, you know I’m only human. I’m gonna snap,” Ruthie said in a confessional shown in Episode 3.

There wasn’t much more that happened beyond that between the two of them during the All Stars season, but some fans believe maybe they still aren’t best of friends. That is probably the case.

Ruthie shares shares update about castmate after All Stars drama

While answering fan questions on her Instagram Story the past few days, several fans asked about her situation involving castmate Aneesa Ferreira. Ruthie shared some interesting answers, which makes it seem like they can co-exist, but don’t expect her to fully trust Aneesa.

One fan asked Ruthie if Aneesa had apologized for being a “raging b***h” to her during the All Stars season. While Ruthie didn’t say there was a specific apology given, it seems things were somewhat smoothed over.

“I wouldn’t say raging but yes we talked at the hotel after All Stars was over,” Ruthie shared in her response.

the challenge ruthie alcaide gives update about all stars castmate
Pic credit: @ruthieworld/Instagram Story

“Have you made up with Aneesa? Why do you think she comes for you?” another fan asked Ruthie.

“Lol I feel like we are sisters off and on but I wish I could trust her. People like Yes have no idea what she has done in the past but we all learn at some point. Wish it could stay in the past but it didn’t. But I also shouldn’t care it’s how they play the game,” Ruthie replied.

ruthie alcaide shares all stars update on Ig story
Pic credit: @ruthieworld/Instagram Story

While Ruthie’s drama with Aneesa didn’t spill too far beyond the All Stars episodes, it seems another castmate is still not happy with her following the spinoff season.

There’s also Wes Bergmann who has mentioned his castmate in a recent interview he did, in his Patreon video, and on social media. Wes wasn’t part of All Stars, but was recently Aneesa’s castmate on The Challenge Season 36, Double Agents.

In a light spoiler alert, both Ruthie and Aneesa managed to survive to The Challenge: All Stars final in Argentina and competed for $500,000. Based on Ruthie’s answers, she’s cool with Aneesa now but will always be keeping an eye on her should they do another season of The Challenge or All Stars spinoff together.

The Challenge: All Stars reunion arrives Thursday, June 3 on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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