The Challenge: All Stars competitor says he wants Hall Brawl elimination against castmate

the challenge all stars cast members at daily challenge in episode 5
Members of The Challenge: All Stars cast during a daily challenge in Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

While The Challenge: All Stars season may be officially over, some competitors are still looking back on the events of the spinoff series and seem as if they’d love to make a return for another run.

Throughout the first season of the Paramount+ series, viewers saw various OG cast members get eliminated from the show, including Nehemiah Clark, Beth Stolarczyk, Katie Cooley, and Syrus Yarbrough.

The latter of those competitors is amongst those who seem eager to return and even mentioned he specifically wants to compete in a Hall Brawl elimination in the future.

All Stars cast member called out competitor as opponent

In All Stars Episode 5, the competitors’ daily challenge was described as a mini-final, where they started out working in teams, then in pairs, and then individually to cross a finish line. During the team part of the daily challenge, Alton Williams was shown in the footage as struggling with endurance as the group carried a heavy log together on a trail.

That came into play as it slowed the entire group down ahead of the next parts of their daily challenge. Those included several puzzles and carrying smaller logs in a footrace in Argentina. Ultimately, Syrus Yarbrough and Beth Stolarczyk finished the event in the last place, meaning they were automatically going into elimination.

Syrus was upset with Alton for what happened, feeling he held back the team at the start and deliberately threw the daily challenge to try to get rid of him. So that gave Syrus more reason to call out Alton as his opponent for elimination. A majority of cast members obliged his request by voting for Alton at deliberation.

Unfortunately for Syrus, he was already dealing with a foot injury and then competed in an elimination event called Up and Over. He was still in pain as he had to climb up and over large wall structures to retrieve a ball. Alton was much quicker and more agile. He also chose veteran competitor Aneesa Ferreira as his teammate for the event. The pair worked well together and ultimately eliminated Syrus and Beth from the game.

In the post-elimination confessional interview, Beth said she enjoyed being there and had fun. Still, Syrus was fuming that he lost and didn’t get to go against Alton in something head-to-head and physical.

Some fans felt Syrus might have made a mistake by not calling for Eric “Big Easy” Banks as his opponent for elimination, as many viewers felt he would have been easier to defeat in that event. Nonetheless, it left Syrus wanting to prove himself in elimination against his castmate.

Syrus still wants to compete in Hall Brawl elimination

Syrus appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast episode, which was released on Thursday, June 10. During his time on the podcast, he spoke about Alton Williams, revealing why he wanted to take him out so badly in elimination.

Syrus explained that not only did Alton gas out in that part of the daily challenge but that he’d been saying some things off-camera that rubbed him the wrong way.

“All the things he did off camera that I heard- He told my closest friend that he’s gonna have to hurt me prior to the event,” Syrus shared on the podcast.

“I was gonna kill this fool. You don’t know. I was praying for Hall Brawl. Period. And I still want it now, today,” he added with regards to the elimination on All Stars.

Aneesa then said for anyone in charge; they need to add Hall Brawl for future All Stars elimination events. Syrus added, “Only if it’s me and him.”

Interestingly, podcast co-host Tori Deal spoke about Hall Brawl during an episode covering MTV’s Double Agents season. She said she felt it was dangerous, and castmate Fessy Shafaat would cause too many injuries to his opponents in that event.

Although the OG spinoff series never featured the Hall Brawl event, it did have one head-to-head physical elimination with a Pole Wrestle in the first episode. That also brought some injuries with it, as viewers saw Laterrian Wallace pick up Ace Amerson and drive him down to the ground multiple times while holding onto the pole “plunger style.”

Syrus won The Extreme Challenge, which aired n MTV in 2011. The Real World star has competed in a total of four eliminations during his various Challenge seasons, with three of those losses, including his All Stars elimination. During The Gauntlet 2, he lost to his future All Stars castmate, Derrick Kosinski, in a Beach Brawl event.

A second season of All Stars seems like it should happen, and many believe it will arrive before the end of the year. Whether or not Syrus, Alton, and Hall Brawl are part of Season 2 remains to be seen, but it’s clear Syrus wants it badly.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount+.

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