The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast reveals if they’d rather float to the final or ‘earn their stripes’

jordan wiseley in all stars 3 promo video
Jordan Wiseley appears in a promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

When it comes to The Challenge on MTV, recent seasons have featured cast members having to earn their way into the final by competing in an elimination to earn a Gold Skull.

However, The Challenge: All Stars spinoff hasn’t included that as part of the format, as cast members who performed well or had a strong political game could stay out of eliminations to coast to the final.

In a brand new promotional video, members of the All Stars 3 cast reveal their strategies when it comes to the show, including whether they’d earn their stripes or float to a final.

All Stars 3 promotional video features cast strategies

Competitors who tend to do well at The Challenge typically use strategies to ensure their safety in the game, such as having a strong social or political game. However, others have used a strategy of “polid**king” to keep themselves around.

Many of the All Stars 3 cast members are married, or in committed relationships, so polid**king is mostly out of the question. However, several individuals mentioned they would still consider using the strategy.

“Honestly, polid**king feels way better,” Jordan Wiseley said, asking, “Aren’t we all just looking for that physical high?”

Wes Bergmann also seemed to think that was a great strategy after sending a message to his wife.

“I would just like to say to my wife, ‘Just turn this video off.’ Because I would much rather motherf**king polid**k! God, that is so much more fun,” Wes said in the video.

Nia Moore is another cast member who seemed OK with that concept, indicating that she’d figure things out even though there were many castmates in relationships or married.

Would competitors rather float to the final or earn their stripes?

The first two seasons of the All Stars spinoff featured cast members going into eliminations based on poor performance in a daily mission, being a team captain on a losing team, or getting voted in. Should that remain the format for Season 3, many cast members said they would prefer floating to the final over earning their way there.

Jordan Wiseley was one of them, saying it makes more sense at this point in his Challenge career.

“If you’d asked me early in my career, ‘Hey Jordan, what’s the best way to get to the final? Do you float your way there, or do you earn your stripes?’ I would’ve said, ‘You gotta earn ’em.’ But now, I’m older, wiser, better looking. I’m floatin’ baby,” Jordan shared.

Jemmye agreed that floating makes sense because “in this game, you never know what the elimination’s gonna be,” so she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone.

Others who would rather float to the final included Veronica Portillo, Nia Moore, and Sylvia Elsrode.

“I will always earn my stripes every single day on this Challenge,” All Stars Season 1 champ Yes Duffy said.

Nehemiah also said he’d prefer earning his stripes so he could “really appreciate” taking home that amount of prize money for winning The Challenge.

“I would rather earn my stripes for the final. Leave some story. Some legacy to this name,” two-time Challenge winner Mark Long shared.

Fans will soon find out if Yes, Nehemiah, and Mark get opportunities to earn their stripes or face eliminations early and often due to their OG status.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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