The Challenge: All Stars 3 spoilers: Nia Moore hints at drama involving castmates

nia moore appears during the challenge all stars 3 promo video
The Challenge’s Nia Moore during an All Stars 3 promotional video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Recent spoilers have popped up for The Challenge: All Stars 3, hinting toward the drama that viewers will see in the third season of the spinoff. Based on comments from cast member Nia Moore, several cast members may have been involved in a feud based on their roommate situation.

She recently spilled some light gossip involving her castmates on the spinoff show as she was discussing former Challenge appearances with Mike Lewis on his podcast. A Challenge superfan and insider gave more insight into who all may be involved in that feud or drama.

Keep in mind that this report may feature some spoilers for the upcoming All Stars 3 episodes.

Nia Moore drops hint about drama on All Stars 3

During her time on the Mike Lewis Podcast, Nia Moore spoke about previous experiences with her castmates on The Real World and The Challenge. That included her revealing that she only chose to come back to a reality TV show because her castmate, Jordan Wiseley, also agreed to be on the spinoff.

During his interview with Nia, Mike Lewis brought up the “upstairs-downstairs situation” during one of her Challenge seasons. Mike was referring to how Nia was part of an alliance with Theresa Gonzalez against others in the house.

“I thought you were talking about the upstairs-downstairs bulls**t on All Stars 3,” Nia said, realizing he meant her earlier season.

Nia didn’t delve into what she meant about All Stars 3, as she went on to discuss her situation from that previous Challenge. However, @jaychallenge37 revealed on Instagram that Nia was rooming downstairs with Jonna Mannion, KellyAnne Judd, Kendal Darnell, and Melinda Stolp.

jaychallenge shares the challenge all stars 3 drama rumors
Pic credit: @jaychallenge37/Instagram

A second slide shared by @jaychallenge37 showed the women who were rooming upstairs, including Kailah Casillas, Sylvia Elsrode, Veronica Portillo, and Roni Martin-Chance. Superfan @jaychallenge37 also indicated that Tina Barta and Jemmye Carroll were in the upstairs room with Veronica.

spoilers for the challenge all stars 3 roommates
PIc credit: @jaychallenge37/Instagram

Nia mentioned an argument and said an OG calmed her down

Earlier in the Mike Lewis Podcast interview, Nia talked about her brother-sister sort of relationship with castmate Jordan Wiseley.

Fans saw them in a sort of playful love-hate situation on The Real World: Portland, which carried over into their time on The Challenge. At one point, Nia got kicked off The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II due to her inappropriate action towards Jordan just before the final.

She explained to Mike Lewis that they had a crazy dynamic, and they’ve remained friends all these years later, after that drama on those earlier shows. However, that doesn’t mean arguments don’t still happen between them.

“We still argue. We got in fights on All Stars 3,” Nia said of Jordan, later mentioning a “situation” that happened involving them on the spinoff.

“I mean, there was a situation even on this last season where Wes walked into the room, and he says, ‘Nia, you’re going to regret this,'” she revealed.

She said Wes provided a “calm, fatherly nurturing” presence which helped her take a step back and calm down at that moment so she could stop arguing with her friend and castmate.

Once episodes start to hit Paramount Plus, viewers will see what sort of feuds, beefs, and arguments took place on what sounds like an exciting third season of All Stars.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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