The Challenge star Jordan Wiseley and actor Kevin Pasdon are driving supplies to Ukrainian troops

jordan wiseley in the challenge war of the worlds 2 season
Jordan Wiseley during The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Real World and The Challenge star Jordan Wiseley is doing what he can to assist Ukrainian troops during their war with Russia, as he and his roommate are bringing them supplies across the border.

Jordan and his roommate, actor Kevin Pasdon, recently shared their story about how they were trying to develop a way they could help and finally took action.

That included flying to Poland, so they’d be close to a border where they could do “whatever they could” to assist Ukrainian troops.

Jordan talks about helping out Ukrainian troops

The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley appeared in a TMZ video on Wednesday evening alongside his actor roommate Kevin Pasdon, a former firefighter and EMT from Massachusetts. They spoke about how they decided to help Ukraine with a spontaneous plan one day.

He explained they watched the news daily and were seeing things unfold with the Russia-Ukraine war, so they brainstormed about what they could do to help.

They decided to buy tickets to fly to Poland, with Kevin saying they didn’t really have a plan, except to get to Warsaw and drive as close to a border as possible. They arrived around March 3 and met up with a small group of other individuals who were “mobilized” and asked what they could do.

Jordan says he told them he’s a “pretty good driver” and can “pick stuff up and put it down.” As his roomie explained, Jordan can also drive any vehicle with a clutch.

Kevin indicated his background as a firefighter and EMT gave him medical skills, so they felt they had a lot to offer between the two of them.

Having a US passport was also a big deal, as it would allow them to easily cross the border, unlike individuals from countries with the European Union.

Since earlier this month, Jordan and his roommate have been staying close to the Ukraine border at a small border crossing in Poland.

They’re involved in daily manual labor to load trucks with supplies and then unload them once they get to the “drop spots.” They said they’ve been delivering “essential items,” like baby formula, blankets, other food, coats, and gasoline per TMZ’s report.

Check out the video below as they share their story, including meeting a Ukrainian man who shook their hands and told them, “We will win.”

GoFundMe page created to assist with efforts

While helping deliver supplies, they encountered a young teen from Kyiv named Alice. According to an Instagram Story post by Jordan’s roommate Kevin, the girl’s best friend’s mother transported her to safety, and then Kevin drove them to Poland.

He explained that they spoke “for hours” using a translator app and “laughed and cried” during their conversation.

“My ex husband called me a wolf but I now agree with him because for it’s child, a wolf will shed its last drop of blood,” Kevin said the woman told him.

“As I write this I weld with tears. This is the heart of Ukraine,” Kevin wrote on his IG Story.

Kevin also shared that someone created a GoFundMe page to assist himself, Jordan, and the other individuals who randomly met in Poland from a Reddit/Discord group as they’ve been “self funding” everything so far.

jordan wiseley shares kevin pasdon story
Pic credit: @jordan_wiseley/Instagram Story

In another Instagram Story slide, Kevin explained that the GoFundMe page got frozen because many scams are going on right now.

“GO FUND ME FROZEN. Lots of scams so they want to make sure we are who we say we are. Stand by….,” he wrote on the slide.

kevin pasdon comments on gofundme efforrt
Pic credit: @jordan_wiseley/Instagram Story

Jordan, who last appeared in MTV’s The Challenge: Total Madness season, explained in the video above that they didn’t tell any of their friends or anyone what their plan was. He said he didn’t publicize their initial plans because he didn’t want to have arguments about how they shouldn’t get involved.

“It’s humanity. That’s our fight,” Jordan said in the TMZ video.

Kevin’s Instagram bio currently includes a link for a PayPal donations page, with more details about the group’s humanitarian cause to “provide additional resources to those in need at the border.”

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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