Jordan Wiseley of The Challenge speaks about Tori Deal breakup after Jemmye Carroll video

jordan wiseley speaks on breakup on instagram live
Jordan Wiseley commented about his breakup with Tori Deal following Jemmye Carroll’s video. Pic credit: @jordan_wiseley/Instagram

Following a recent video from The Challenge’s Jemmye Carroll in which she made claims about Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley’s relationship, Jordan reacted in a video of his own.

In that video, he speaks on the matter, clearing up any misconceptions people might have about his breakup with Tori based on what Jemmye said.

That included him addressing the notions that Jemmye said Jordan paid Tori to leave his place in Los Angeles and that Tori cheated on him with their castmate Fessy Shafaat ahead of the breakup.

Jemmye claimed Tori cheated, Jordan paid Tori to leave

On Tuesday, December 7, The Challenge star Jemmye Carroll let fans know she had tea to spill about her castmates Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal. She told fans she would share it on her Patreon, a subscriber-based page that cost $5 for the lowest subscription tier.

As many fans saw, Tori and Jordan originally met on The Challenge, dated, and became engaged. The memorable moment Jordan proposed to Tori was featured in their War of the Worlds 2 season.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, and they broke up last year just after Tori had finished filming for The Challenge: Double Agents. That breakup included rumors that Tori cheated on Jordan with Fessy. Tori quickly denied that she cheated last year.

However, Jemmye shared during a video on her Patreon, saying she asked Jordan about the situation face to face in recent weeks. Based on Jemmye’s retelling in her video, Tori had cheated on Jordan with Fessy by inviting him on a trip to Turks and Caicos with her.

In addition, she indicated that once Tori and Jordan had broken up, Tori was moving out of Jordan’s Los Angeles apartment and had Jordan give her $5,000 so she could move. Jemmye referred to Tori as an “opportunist” and suggested she needed to write a book on “how to finesse a man” instead of children’s books.

Tori went on an Instagram Live session after Jemmye’s Patreon video came out. During Tori’s video, she refuted Jemmye’s claims. She reiterated that she never cheated, giving details about the breakup, including specific dates, and mentioned a conversation she had with Jordan about them breaking up and seeing other people.

Along with that, Tori mentioned that she received $3,000 from Jordan, not $5,000 like Jemmye said in her video. Tori said this was money Jordan gave her because he would keep some of the furniture she left at his apartment.

Jordan Wiseley shares video about Jemmye’s claims

Tori’s ex-fiance Jordan also did a video on his social media on Tuesday night to make sure he addressed the claims Jemmye had recently made.

“I confided in Jemmye, and she has definitely, definitely spun a bunch of stuff,” he said, after indicating he’s considered her a friend for a long time.

Jordan mentions in part of his video (below) that he hadn’t seen Jemmye’s full video, but he’d been tagged by people about it. He backed up Tori’s comments that there was never any cheating that happened. He also said Tori’s remarks about the money he gave her were accurate.

“She had spent a lot of money on the house and different furniture, and when we split, she decided she didn’t want to move some of it. So you know the compromise was that I would pay her for it, and then she wouldn’t have to move it, I would deal with getting rid of it or whatever I wanted to do,” Jordan said.

Check out more of Jordan’s comments in his Instagram video below.

Jordan last appeared on The Challenge: Total Madness season, where Fessy eliminated him. Tori was also in the cast that season, and she and Jordan were still engaged.

Tori and Fessy returned as cast members on Double Agents, which was filmed last year and aired from December 2020 to April 2021. There were ongoing rumors online that Tori and Fessy had cheated during the filming, and it was teased in previews or episode confessionals where Fessy mentioned his attraction towards Tori.

While that made for entertaining television, based on Tori and Jordan’s claims, there wasn’t ever any cheating between Tori and Fessy during filming.

Tori has also indicated she went on that infamous trip with Fessy to Turks and Caicos after filming Double Agents to see if things might work with them beyond a platonic relationship.

Tori and Fessy admitted they decided to stay as friends when asked about the trip and their situation at The Challenge: Double Agents reunion earlier this year.

As of this report, Tori appears on the current season, Spies, Lies & Allies, and is featured in a showmance with rookie castmate Emanuel Neagu. Fessy was also part of the season but explored a showmance with castmate Amanda Garcia.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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