The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members reveal strategies for spinoff season, who they’re most excited to see

the challenge all stars 2 teck money holmes
Teck “Money” Holmes appears in a promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

Some of The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members include OGs returning for another shot at winning after an unsuccessful attempt in the spinoff’s first season.

That includes Teck “Money” Holmes, Derrick Kosinski, Darrell Taylor, Kendal Darnell, and Jonna Manion, who appeared in Season 1. Several of those competitors reached the final but finished as runner-ups to winner Yes Duffy.

Others never got beyond an elimination, ending their chances at winning big money early in the season.

In a brand new promotional video, the returning All Stars 2 cast shares their biggest regrets, thoughts about potential Season 2 strategy, and reveal who they’re most excited to see on the show.

Returning All Stars share Season 1 regrets, Season 2 strategies

In All Stars Season 1, viewers saw Nehemiah Clark and Kendal Darnell on the verge of reaching the spinoff season’s final. However, Nehemiah found himself voted into elimination just before the final and decided to pick Kendal as his partner for it due to her 2-0 record so far in All Stars eliminations.

Unfortunately, they met a tough team in Eric “Big Easy” Banks and Jisela Delgado, who won the elimination with a smart strategy, despite Jisela suffering a bad injury. That sent Nehemiah and Kendal home and helped Big Easy and Jisela reach the final.

In the new All Stars 2 promotional video (below), Nehemiah shares his biggest regret from the first season, which involves that unfortunate elimination.

“I have a couple of regrets from Season 1. One was Bringing Kendal into the elimination with me. I feel like she really didn’t get her shot at the final because of me. Even though she volunteered, I still feel like I shoulda took someone else,” he said.

Kendal talked about her Season 1 decision not to use the Lifesaver to save Teck from going into elimination against Nehemiah. She said she could’ve put in someone else like Big Easy, who might’ve defeated Nehemiah, and then he never would’ve picked her for the elimination later in the season.

“I don’t have any regrets from Season 1. I wish I could’ve stayed longer. That’s why I’m back. I’m here to stay till the end this time,” Teck shared in the video.

As far as strategy, Kendal goes on to mention that she heard “that the bigger, stronger, taller females are supposed to be more dominating.” Because of this, she revealed she put on more muscle mass ahead of the All Stars 2 season.

“I’m going to play a little bit smarter. A little bit colder. And I’m going to get mini-Derrick out of the game as quickly as possible,” Nehemiah reveals.

Jonna says she’ll probably play the game a bit smarter too, and use a more political approach than she did in the first spinoff season. Darrell Taylor revealed he’s going to be as friendly as possible with his castmates so he can stick around, reach the final, and win it this time.

Who are The Challenge OGs most excited to see?

While the All Stars 2 cast features returning stars, it also features some new OGs joining the season. That includes two-time Challenge champion Jodi Weatherton, Tina Barta, Janelle Casaneve, Melinda Collins, MJ Garrett, Tyler Duckworth, Ayanna Mackins, and Brad Fiorenza. Fresh Meat stars Casey Cooper and Ryan Kehoe will also be part of the cast.

Returning OGs mentioned who they’re excited to see on All Stars 2. Some mentioned their buddies from the first season but also brought up new OGs.

“I’m most excited to meet Jodi. She is a Challenge legend. She’s the first female to win individually, and that’s pretty freakin’ cool,” Kendal said.

Nehemiah mentioned his excitement to see his pals Laterrian Wallace and Teck back for the second season. He said he’s also excited to see his former Real World: Austin castmate Melinda, as well as Brad.

“All the Season 1 vets. Kendal, Darrell, LT, Nehemiah. We formed a bond last season, and hopefully, we can continue to bond this season,” Teck shared in the video.

“I’m most excited to see this season on All Stars 2, Tina. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I’m glad Katie Doyle’s coming back, and I got my boy, Derrick. It should be a lot of fun,” Darrell said of the season.

The first season bonds mentioned above will likely continue, but new ones will also form as the OGs look to compete and have fun on the second season of the spinoff series.

The Challenge: All Stars premieres Thursday, November 11, on Paramount Plus.

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