Ryan Kehoe on The Challenge: Who is the All Stars 2 cast member and what is his Instagram?

the challenge all stars 2 cast member ryan kehoe
Fresh Meat star Ryan Kehoe will appear amongst OG cast members on The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

While many of The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members come from MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules, a few others come from a show called Fresh Meat.

They are Ryan Kehoe and Casey Cooper, who got their starts on The Challenge rather than one of the other reality shows.

Ryan will make his return to the show after an 11-year hiatus. Here’s what to know about this Fresh Meat star and where to follow him on social media.

Who is Ryan Kehoe on The Challenge?

Ryan Kehoe will be one of 24 OGs in The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast. He originally debuted on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat in 2006.

He was 24 at the time and hailed from Paramus, New Jersey. The show’s concept had rookies known as “Fresh Meat’ partnered up with experienced vets or Challenge newcomers from Real World and Road Rules.

In that season, Ryan’s partner was The Real World: Austin’s Melinda (Stolp) Collins, who will be his castmate on All Stars 2. They lasted until Episode 4 in that season, which also featured exiles. However, the team of Wes Bergmann and Casey Cooper eliminated them.

The Fresh Meat star went on to do four more seasons of The Challenge with The Gauntlet III, The Island, The Duel II, and Fresh Meat II.

Ryan reached the final in his season on The Island. He and teammates Jenn Grijalva, Paula Meronek, and Robin Hibbard finished as runners-up to Johnny Bananas, Evelyn Smith, Derrick Kosinski, and Kenny Santucci.

Over his time on The Challenge, Ryan compiled a 3-4 record in eliminations and three daily wins. He returns at age 40 for All Stars 2, trying to win his first final with a $500,000 prize.

He’s appeared in several promotional videos ahead of the premiere episode. In one of them, he said his reason for returning to The Challenge was “MTV called.”

In another video (below), he recalled his top iconic challenge moment, which involved him and Fresh Meat partner, Melinda.

With his return to All Stars 2, Ryan is reunited with former teammate Melinda and a cast member he had a steamy hookup on The Challenge with. The Real World: Key West’s Tyler Duckworth is also one of his castmates on the spinoff series.

In addition, he reunites with Fresh Meat castmate Casey Cooper, Nehemiah Clark, who eliminated him in The Gauntlet III season, and MJ Garrett, who eliminated him in The Duel II season.

Where can you follow Ryan on Instagram or other social media?

Ryan is currently on the Instagram platform using the handle @ryankehoe5, where he has nearly 6,000 followers as of this report.

He’s shared over 1,800 posts, including several in which he announces his upcoming appearance on The Challenge: All Stars 2.

“See you back in the house after 11 year hiatus! #AllStars2 #November #CannedMeat,” Ryan wrote in his IG caption along with his official cast photo.

He’s shared many other videos and images on his page. They included throwbacks from The Challenge and a photo or two from when he was an alternate for the first season of All Stars.

The image below shows Ryan in Argentina alongside alternate cast members Casey Cooper, Cohutta Grindstaff, Heather Cooke, and Sophia Pasquis.

Ryan doesn’t appear to use any other social media at the moment, but that could change as the All Stars 2 episodes arrive. Once they do, fans will likely learn a lot more about Ryan’s life and what he’s been up to in his time away from The Challenge!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, November 11, on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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