The Bachelorette’s Connor Brennan says black nail polish is helping him get attention from women

Connor Brennan was on The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette star Connor Brennan has tried out a new look after struggling on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette fan-favorite Connor Brennan may not have had much success on that show or the summer spinoff Bachelor in Paradise.

Even off of the show, Connor has shared his frustrations about the struggles of dating.

Now, it seems like Connor discovered a new trick that is helping him win over the ladies.

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Connor revealed that he has a new look that is paying off big-time.

He explained how he managed to turn his dating luck around without even trying.

“So I painted my nails black as a part of a costume for Halloween to be Gerard Way. Bleached my hair. Whatever,” he explained.

He then shared why he decided to keep part of his Halloween look.

“I left my nail polish on ‘cuz I kinda liked it. And also I didn’t know how to remove it. It’s something to look at while I’m playing piano ‘cuz I get kind of bored. And I also thought, ‘This is kind of a great way to scare off girls,'” he expressed.

He shared that he thought he’d be glad for the break because it has been a “weird year for dating” and he wants to focus on himself.

However, he discovered it had the opposite effect and stated, “Turns out a lot of you freaks like a guy with nail polish.”

Despite the tone of his video, it seems like Connor’s into all the attention as he captioned the post, “spooky season is year round baby, ya’ll be safe out there.”


spooky season is year round baby, ya’ll be safe out there?#fyp #nailpolish #gerardway

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Connor asks if he should keep his black nails

Connor painted his nails black for Halloween but he may keep up this trend with the success he has found.

He took to the comments section to ask users, “should i repaint the nails black yes or no[?]”

Users seemed to have mixed reactions to his nails.

While one user flat out wrote, “No.”

Another user enthusiastically encouraged him to keep it up, writing, “Absolutely. Also experiment with color! It’s hot!”

Comments on Connor Brennan's TikTok video.
Pic credit: @connorfalcon1/TikTok

The Bachelorette viewers praise Connor’s new fashion statement

TikTok users proved Connor’s point as they expressed that they were into his black nails.

“He found a different demographic to appeal to now and we’re here,” one user enthused.

Others countered Connor’s sentiment about “freaks” liking black nail polish, thus encouraging him to keep up the trend.

“Conor nail polish is not freaky. And women liking nail polish doesn’t make them freaky lol,” one user commented.

Comments on Connor Brennan's TikTok video.
Pic credit: @connorfalcon1/TikTok

“It’s not really weird for straight men to wear nail polish,” another wrote.

Connor seemed to appreciate this comment, as he replied, “ding ding ding!!!”

Comments on Connor Brennan's TikTok video.
Pic credit: @connorfalcon1/TikTok

The Bachelorette star may have finally found out a way to win over the ladies.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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