The Bachelorette viewers root for Gabby Windey and Jason Alabaster, react to his ominous post 

Jason Alabaster
Jason Alabaster has become a frontrunner in Gabby Windey’s group of men on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: @jason.alabaster/Instagram

Gabby Windey and Jason Alabaster had a sweet one-on-one on the latest episode of The Bachelorette.

Romance was in the air as Gabby and Jason explored the romantic city of Paris.

While Gabby appears more outgoing than Jason, who is more reserved, the pair were able to connect and bond over therapy and their “inner child.”

Viewers enjoyed seeing Gabby and Jason’s chemistry during their time together.

Jason has become a frontrunner as The Bachelorette fans root for him and Gabby to make it to the end together.

Jason recently shared a post commemorating his time in Paris with Gabby, and fans shared their reactions.

Jason Alabaster shares photo from Paris with Gabby Windey

Jason Alabaster took to his Instagram page to share a single post from Paris, France, alongside Gabby Windey.

In the photo, Jason and Gabby look like a true couple as Gabby wraps her arm around Jason and smiles while he holds up an umbrella and plants a kiss on her cheek.

Jason captioned the post, “We’ll always have Paris.”

Bachelor Nation fans react to Jason’s post from Paris 

While the caption was interpreted as romantic by many, some worried Jason’s words could be a sign that he and Gabby eventually go their separate ways.

A commenter wrote, “damn that caption must mean you didn’t win.” 

Another follower referred to more memorable moments from Jason and Gabby’s one-on-one date, using red heart emojis and writing in all-caps, “AND FEET WINE AND SIZE MEDIUM AND EXTRA LARGE HATS.” 

More commenters expressed that they were rooting for Jason to go the distance with Gabby. 

One fan wrote, “Awwwww I really hope it’s you at the end with her.” 

Another shared, “This is so cute. I’m rooting for you guys.” 

Jason Alabaster's comments
Pic credit: @jason.alabaster/Instagram

While Gabby has also had a solid connection with her first one-on-one suitor Nate Mitchell, viewers certainly seem to have felt a spark between Gabby and Jason. 

It remains to be seen if Gabby and Jason can build on their momentum enough to get engaged at the end of the season. 

Gabby’s group of men may also be expanding as Logan Palmer prepares to profess his feelings to Gabby — despite being in Rachel Recchia’s group.

Stay tuned to see if Gabby finds her husband among her remaining men. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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1 year ago

Neither one of these girls need a man. Rachel is a cry baby and gabby needs emotional help. Not one episode thst this is not shown for either one.