The Bachelorette viewers slam Logan Palmer after accepting Rachel Recchia’s rose

Logan Palmer
The Bachelorette Season 19 attempted to force the men to get serious about pursuing one Bachelorette exclusively. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 19 has been dramatic and looks like it will only get messier as the season progresses. 

The latest episode teased contender Logan Palmer having an inner conflict as he expressed his interest in Gabby Windey despite being one of Rachel Recchia’s men. 

The Bachelorette viewers have already been weary of pitting Rachel and Gabby against one another, and it seems Logan may do just that. 

During the recent rose ceremony, Logan accepted Rachel’s rose but suggested that he took Rachel’s rose only in an attempt to stick around and pursue Gabby. 

The Bachelorette viewers weren’t happy with Logan’s behavior. 

Viewers weighed in online to react to Logan having his eyes on Gabby but still accepting Rachel’s rose.  

Logan Palmer comes under fire by The Bachelorette viewers 

Logan was one of the men who appeared to have a connection with both Rachel and Gabby at the start of the season, but the recent format change led him to pursue Rachel exclusively. 

The previous episode saw Logan wrestling with the fact that he may want to be with Gabby. He used Rachel’s rose to get to Gabby, and viewers had a lot to say.

One critic tweeted, “Uhhh no Logan you CANNOT accept a rose from Rachel just to pursue Gabby.”

Another viewer tweeted, “oh hell no I KNOW Logan did not just accept that rose.” 

A critic advised, “LOGAN NO. Just go home if you don’t want Rachel. Do NOT mess w her emotions just bc you’re unsure of yours.”

A commenter suggested Logan’s behavior is an example of “why men deserve less.”

Another tweet referred to Gabby’s iconic reaction to Clayton Echard during the rose ceremony from hell on The Bachelor Season 26, suggesting that Logan accepting Rachel’s rose was “the wrong answer.” 

One viewer came for Logan’s looks, writing, “Logan you are not cute enough to act like that baby.” 

A viewer also expressed, “I swear to god if they let Logan switch to Gabby and ruin their friendship I am done with this franchise.”

Another tweet read, “So let me get that straight….Logan just accepted Rachel’s rose to pursue….Gabby?,” including an image that read, “I hate men.” 

Kaitlyn Bristowe weighs in on Logan Palmer

Former Bachelorette lead and host Kaitlyn Bristowe also took to Twitter to react to Logan’s behavior. 

Kaitlyn tweeted, “Logan, more like, NOgan. Am I rite.” 

Based on previews for next week, it looks like Logan may switch sides and join Gabby’s men as the drama heats up. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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1 year ago

Oh PLEASE ABC SET this whole thing up…..I wish the VIEWERS were smarter!!! It’s just a reality show that is NOT reality. Get a CLUE “Bacholer Nation”!!