Bachelor Nation gushes over Nate Mitchell after one-on-one with Gabby Windey

Nate Mitchell
Nate Mitchell was chosen to go on Gabby Windey’s first one-on-one. Pic credit: ABC

Gabby Windey went on her first one-on-one with Nate Mitchell, and he made a great impression on both Gabby and Bachelor Nation.

Nate and Gabby took to the skies during their date as they enjoyed a helicopter ride around Los Angeles.

During dinner, Nate and Gabby got to know each other better and even shed tears together.

Nate became emotional when he shared about having a daughter and being a girl dad.

Nate beamed as he described his daughter as being the “human form of coffee,” and Gabby teared up upon seeing Nate’s love for his daughter.

The Bachelorette viewers loved seeing Nate open up and appreciated him speaking up when contestant Chris Austin exhibited controlling behavior towards women.

The Bachelor Season 24 star Peter Weber predicted that America would fall in love with Nate; so far, Pilot Pete’s prediction has been correct.

Nate Mitchell captures Bachelor Nation’s heart

Nate was the standout from The Bachelorette Season 19’s latest episode, and he had viewers buzzing online.

A supporter expressed, “nate is a king who respects women.” 

One fan referenced Nate’s quote when he defended Rachel and Gabby against Chris Austin, writing, “‘This could be our Queen, this could be the mother of our children, this could be the woman we spend the rest of our life with,’ this is a Nate Stan Account.”

A viewer applauded Nate for helping usher Chris Austin out after his elimination. They quoted him saying, “‘That’s all that needs to be said,’” and added, “Nate wins.” 

Nate’s quotes were all the rave on Twitter, with one fan referencing his take on how men can be controlling with the women they love. The viewer quoted Nate saying, “‘You cannot have preconditions for love. It’s a form of control that a lot of men don’t realize they do that damages good women.’” The commenter added in all-caps, “SAY THAT.” 

One fan acknowledged Nate becoming a Bachelor Nation fan favorite, tweeting, “the way all of bachelor nation has fallen in love with Nate.” 

Bachelor Nation roots for Nate Michell to be The Bachelor 

While The Bachelorette Season 19 is still in the beginning stages of the season, Nate has become an early frontrunner for Bachelor. 

A viewer tweeted, “Nate has a little daughter that he cries just thinking about?? If he doesn’t end up with Gabby or Rachel, he should be the next lead.” 

The Bachelorette lead Katie Thurston also is rooting for Nate to be Bachelor, tweeting, “Idk the ending but if Nate doesn’t find love, can we rally for him as the next Bachelor?” 

Nate and Gabby hit it off on their date, and time will tell if Nate continues to go far with her and Bachelor Nation. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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