The Bachelorette viewers are turning on Will Urena because of these problematic tweets

Will Urena films for The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette Season 18 contestant Will Urena has been exposed for his problematic retweets. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers once felt bad for Will Urena but are now calling out his problematic social media activity.

Will has become yet another Bachelor Nation star whose social media was seemingly not properly vetted before he was cast on The Bachelorette.

One Redditor posted a thread with a series of problematic retweets from Will that date back to March and April of 2021.

“Why do a number of yall women want to be viewed as an ‘alpha female’?? What do you get out of it?” One tweet reads. “Ain’t no man with an alpha personality is attracted to an ‘alpha female.’”

In another tweet, he denounced the concept of toxic masculinity.

He wrote, “Toxic masculinity is a term coined by damaged women to weed out traits that make their fragile ego feel insecure when they’re in the shadow of a Male figure. A woman who had a strong & responsible father recognizes the importance of masculinity. It’s protective not oppressive.”

Another tweet specifically targeted American women.

“American women (in general) make it hard for a man to take them serious,” the tweet reads. “From the feminism bs, lack of accountability, wanting to be thots & increase masculine energy (to name a few)…I see why men are opting just to get a woman from a different country.”

The Bachelorette viewers call Will Urena out

Users on the Reddit thread called Will’s tweets out for being misogynistic.

One user simply wrote, “YIKES.”

Others had specific criticisms of each of his problematic retweets.

One responded to the “alpha female” tweet by writing, “And this coming from a man who cried over a jacket.”

Another user thought the cringe-factor of his tweets went “over the top” when it said “just get a woman from a different country.”

Yet another viewer noted that it isn’t a woman’s fault if her father is or isn’t present in her life and she shouldn’t be judged for that.

Reddit comments about Will Urena
Pic credit: u/savannahsib/Reddit

Reality Steve called out Will Urena’s ‘problematic retweets’

Monsters & Critics previously reported on Will’s tweets a few months before The Bachelorette aired.

Reality Steve issued a tweet to raise awareness about Will’s “problematic retweets” in July.

“Will Urena, 29, Domican Republic. IG: (@illmaticwill). Fitness trainer. But holy s**t, some recent problematic retweets,” Reality Steve tweeted, as captured by the Redditor. “Apparently he doesn’t like US women. It’s the Alpha Male-ness for me. Good chance this will kill his chances of making it on the show. Yikes.”

Ironically, as viewers now know, Will was not cut from the show. In fact, he has played a key role in one of the storylines due to his rivalry with Peter Izzo.

Peter got a villain edit as he threw Will’s jacket in the pool. Many admired Will for taking the high road and not tattling on him to Michelle.

However, now that these tweets have come to Bachelor Nation’s attention, it seems that many are changing sides or acknowledging that both Peter and Will are flawed.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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