The Bachelorette: Nick Viall doesn’t think Katie’s guys are funny, says they’re being ‘petty’

Nick Viall on The Bachelorette
Nick Viall thinks Katie’s guys are “petty.” Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette alum Nick Viall has been pretty outspoken about his thoughts on Katie Thurston’s season so far and last night was no exception.

A few episodes ago, Nick showed up to help Katie weed through the contestants and get to know them on a more deep and personal level.

During that time, he admitted to thinking that Thomas, who was later sent home, was not being genuine about his intentions for being on the show.

However, after seeing how some of the guys ganged up on him for saying the idea of becoming the next Bachelor lead had crossed his mind, Nick had a change of heart and came to Thomas’s defense.

Thomas was the second guy to be sent home after the guys ganged up on him with Karl being one of the first that the men turned against.

Now, the group has set their sights on Hunter following his aggressive actions on a recent group date that left Michael A. injured. The guys made it clear during their group date “roast” that they were out to get Hunter, and that didn’t seem to sit well with Nick.

Nick Viall thinks Katie Thurston’s guys are ‘petty’

The purpose of the group date was for the guys to prove why they were the best fit for Katie while roasting the other contestants in the process.

The event ended up being far from what many would expect from a roast as the men spent the majority of their time speaking highly of themselves or criticizing Hunter.

During something that was supposed to be funny and light-hearted, things became awkward fairly quickly.

Nick took to Twitter and wrote, “What we learned about these men on this date is they are not in any way funny. They are petty. Except for Andrew S, he is still a high character stud.”

Nick Viall thinks Katie's guys are "petty."
Nick Viall thinks Katie’s guys are “petty.” Pic credit: @viallnicholas28/Twitter

Andrew was one of the only men that when asked if they thought Hunter was being honest, raised his hand to say yes.

Why did Hunter receive so much hate from the other guys on The Bachelorette?

While Hunter seemed to be likable at the beginning of the season, things took a turn when he was overly competitive and physical on a recent group date.

Following that, he also stole time away with Katie despite already earning a rose, which left some of the other men to have no time with her.

The contestants quickly became frustrated with Hunter and felt that he was not being completely genuine about his feelings for Katie.

During the most recent group date, while the men were preparing for their roast, Tre overheard Hunter tell one of the drag queens that he wasn’t at a point yet where he felt he could say he was in love with Katie and that it was something he took very seriously. He said he didn’t want to just say it and cheapen what they had.

However, once he was on stage during the roast, he was asked if he was falling in love with Katie and he said that he was. This did not sit well with Tre and the rest of the men, and a few of them made it clear to Katie during the evening portion of the date.

Katie became physically sick over the drama and ended the evening without giving out a group date rose. Eventually, Katie ended up sending Hunter home along with Aaron, Tre, James, and Connor B.

It’s clear that Katie had enough of the petty drama and didn’t want to deal with it any longer. She wanted to focus on the strong relationships she was forming and nothing else.

With seven men remaining, Katie is serious about finding the one.

Fans can tune in to see who Katie forms the strongest connection with now that we are getting closer to hometowns.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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