The Bachelor women pop champagne in celebration as villain Shanae Ankney is sent home

Gabby Windey, Hunter Haag, and Mara Agrait
The Bachelor women celebrate villain Shanae Ankney’s elimination after the two-on-one. Pic credit: ABC

Although Bachelor fans rejoiced when villain Shanae Ankney was sent home on Monday’s episode, no one was happier than the other women in the house.

The contestants were left chugging champagne, crying, and even singing when they saw Shanae’s luggage wheeled out after the two-on-one date.

The Bachelor women celebrate as Clayton Echard eliminates Shanae Ankney

After weeks of trying to tell Bachelor Clayton Echard to send Shanae home, the women were relieved to see he’d chosen Genevieve Parisi over the villain on the date.

“We made it, we beat out evil,” Gabby Windey declared.

“I feel freaking amazing. I feel so good. My girl is still here. My man does not have a bad judge of character,” Mara Agrait said. “It’s exactly what we needed and wanted, and it feels so damn good.”

Serene Russell was left in silent but happy tears by the revelation.

Gabby and Mara even joined Hunter Haag in popping champagne on the balcony and cheering for Genevieve.

Gabby thrilled fans by drinking from two bottles at once as she celebrated.

The whole group gathered around to pour champagne and toast the elimination of the controversial contestant.

“Cheers to finally curing the herpes outbreak,” Marlena Wesh said, referencing a joke she’d made about Shanae on the roast date.

“Ding dong the shrimp is dead,” Hunter added in a throwback to Shrimp Gate.

Clayton Echard noticed the women’s positive mood as Shanae Ankney was finally sent home

The mood continued to rise within the house even as they headed to the rose ceremony, with the women laughing and chatting comfortably for the first time in weeks.

“There is no drama. There is no tension, it’s all happy women waiting for their time with a great man,” Mara said.

Eliza Isichei also spoke on the group feeling like a weight had been lifted off of their shoulders with Shanae’s elimination.

“We can speak freely, really be ourselves without wondering, you know, what’s gonna happen next.”

Clayton also picked up on the change, joking that he had heard the women singing in the elevator all the way from his room.

Is The Bachelor already introducing Mara Agrait as the newest villain?

The peace didn’t last long, with Mara planting doubt in Clayton’s head about fellow contestant Sarah Hamrick.

Viewers will have to wait and see if The Bachelor is already rolling out their next villain and if Clayton will fall for the drama again.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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