The Bachelor spoilers: Why did Clayton Echard make Sarah Hamrick cry?

Sarah Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick is brought to tears by Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

There is an abundance of drama in this season of The Bachelor. Clayton Echard has reportedly made some tough decisions, including not listening to the number of women who have warned him about Shanae, believing Shanae’s antics, sending good women home, and now, questioning women to the point of tears.

On the upcoming episode on Valentine’s Day, Sarah gets her second one-on-date with Clayton. Viewers are unsure of whether this second date happens because of Clayton’s connection with Sarah, or because of what Mara reveals to him during her time with Clayton on the nightly group date prior.

Clayton Echard has tough conversation with Sarah Hamrick that results in tears

According to an E! News exclusive, during this one-on-one date with Sarah, Clayton questions whether she is truly ready, at age 23, to become a wife and potential mother, after hearing her name out of Mara’s mouth that she isn’t ready.

Clayton wonders where Sarah’s head is in the whole process and even states that he has questions for her that need answers in order to properly move forward.

Clayton starts his conversation with Sarah by saying, “Going through this journey, I want to find my future wife, and to hopefully get down on one knee, and propose at the end of this.”

He continues on by saying, “It was brought to my attention last night by someone that people here may not be ready for what it is that I’m looking for, and you were the person they were speaking of.”

At this point in the preview, Sarah looks flabbergasted and gets teary-eyed before the tears spill over and she starts to cry.

She refutes what Clayton has just said by stating, “You know, I’ve told you since day one that I was here because it was you, and I have been nothing but completely myself and completely vulnerable and open with you.”

At this point, Clayton interrupts Sarah and says to her, “Thank you for being so vulnerable, but I’m honestly just afraid of losing everything.” After he says this, Clayton stands up and walks away, leaving Sarah at the table to cry into her hands.

What will happen after Clayton questions Sarah’s intentions of being on the show?

Viewers can’t help but wonder if this is stemming back to the group date where the women roasted each other. Sarah did show some immaturity when she picked on Mara for being the oldest woman in the house at age 32 and called her a cougar.

Mara then retaliated during the roast, and it almost left some bad blood between them, as they both crossed the line a bit.

Has Sarah’s time on the show come to an end? Can Clayton believe her when she says she is truly ready, or will he have it in his head now that he can’t trust her because of what Mara told him? Tune in on Monday to find out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

He is so stupid ! Looks like he listens to other people instead of getting to know someone before he makes his decision, unless you are Shanae, then he let’s what’s under her dress guide him. I always heard a man thinks with his xxxx instead of his brain.