The Bachelor: Mara Agrait is called a cougar by Sarah Hamrick and viewers react

Mara Agrait
Mara Agrait is called a cougar by Sarah Hamrick during a group date. Pic credit: ABC

On Monday’s episode of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Episode 5, Clayton took the women on his group date to a roast.

Although some of the women roasted the leading man himself, others took to roasting the other contestants for a laugh—some made innocent comments, others not so much.

What comment did Sarah Hamrick make that got under the skin of Mara Agrait and viewers?

One of these comments made in Sarah Hamrick’s roast was toward the oldest contestant left fighting for Clayton’s final rose. Sarah called Mara Agrait a cougar which seemed to get under Mara’s skin when it was said.

While the show aired, you could see Mara’s face, and she was not laughing. No, her facial expression was one of disdain, offense, and agitation.

How did Bachelor Nation fans react to this?

Fans were also outraged that Sarah, the 23-year-old contestant, would stoop so low to call a 32-year-old when filming (but since turned 33-year-old a few weeks ago), an actual cougar. Like since when was 32 years old, considered a cougar…and considered old?

Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to express their derision about the distasteful comment made by Sarah and sided with Mara on this…and plenty expressed those feelings.

A few of the viewers were upset with the whole production and show because if a woman is considered a cougar at age 32, then something is not quite right with the whole franchise if 32 is considered old to find love.

Twitter user @sarahsahagian sides with Mara
Pic credit: @sarahsahagian/Twitter

Another viewer had the same comment when she posted the following:

One Tweet by a viewer said she was shocked when she Google searched Mara after she heard what Sarah had said in the roast.

Twitter user @nadiyax sides with Mara
Pic credit: @nadiyax/Twitter

One fan stated that it was classless and tacky to release the age of Mara on the date…and also rude to make her feel bad for being older than some of the other women.

Another viewer stated that Sarah went way too far with the age and cougar jokes about Mara. Obviously, she could see the discomfort on Mara’s face as she continued on and on with the roast, but it didn’t phase her in the least to maybe stop or cut back.

How will this affect the future rapport of the women on the show?

These women had a good rapport, going on a group date without Shanae, the one typically making headlines. However, after this roast, viewers and fans sided with Mara over Sarah on what was said, and surely this had to put a little damper on their day. Not sure who thought this would be a good idea…to take a group of women, all vying for the heart of the same man, to roast each other. That will never turn out well.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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