Shrimpgate: Shanae Ankney faces off against the entire Bachelor house over shrimp

Sierra Jackson shrimpgate instagram photo
Sierra Jackson pokes fun at The Bachelor’s shrimpgate drama in a new Instagram post. Pic credit: @sierrajackzen/Instagram

Move over Champagne Gate, there’s a new food-related drama sweeping across Bachelor nation.

Although fans have been watching the drama unfold between The Bachelor season villain Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan for the last few weeks, viewers were totally unprepared for the newest chapter.

After Elizabeth made shrimp for the house, Shanae caught fire for taking eight pieces and leaving several girls with none.

The Bachelor unveiled a new feature in the form of the shrimp counter just for the occasion.

“Obviously there’s two things that Shanae can’t keep out of her mouth,” Elizabeth said in an interview. “And that’s my name and shrimp.”

Shanae Ankney fights with The Bachelor contestants over shrimp

Shanae, who has alienated herself within the house, tried to resolve the incident by making her own shrimp plate and offering it up to the women. However, she was left even more frustrated when she claimed that no one looked at her as she approached with the shrimp.

The incident was dubbed Shrimp Gate online in a reference to Champagne Gate, which occurred on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Fans took to Twitter to respond to the scene.

“now introducing #shrimpgate to the list of ridiculous bachelor nation scandals,” one fan wrote.

“Tonight’s episode with no context,” another joked in this post.

Current contestant Sierra Jackson also joined in the fun with a  photo posted on her Instagram.

“Me & my Beaches!” she captioned the shot of the girls on a group beach date. All of the other women in the photo were shown clearly except for Shanae, who had a shrimp photoshopped over her face.

Sierra and Shanae clashed on this week’s episode of The Bachelor when Shanae told Clayton she felt bullied by the other women in the house. Sierra also recently called Clayton out for his part in the incident.

Clayton Echard hints #shrimpgate isn’t over

It appears both the drama and Shrimp Gate are far from over in the trailer for next week’s episode. Shanae is shown to be grilling shrimp alongside Clayton.

“The Gulf of Mexico called,” Elizabeth appears to say. “They’d like their shrimp back, please.”

Clayton himself also responded to the incident in a tweet writing, “I hope you love it because if you don’t now, then I’ve got some fun news for you!!!” He seemingly was hinting that the conflict will continue into next week’s episode.

Shanae has received backlash for her insensitive comments on mental health throughout this season but currently is still in the running for Clayton’s heart.

This week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger with the house united against Shanae and in an uproar over her conversations with Clayton. Tune in next week to find out who comes out on top in the confrontation.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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