The Bachelor: Hannah Ann and Victoria F. branded hypocrites for judging Madison

Hannah and Victoria
Hannah and Victoria have been labelled hypocrites. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor contestants Hannah Ann and Victora F went into the Fantasy Suites with Peter Weber during last night’s episode.

They knew that the journey would include an overnight date, possibly with sex involved.

However, Madison told Peter that she was saving herself for marriage and that she had no interest in having sex with anyone before they were truly committed.

Hannah Ann and Victoria discussed Madison’s decision during the episode, revealing that they thought it was unfair for Peter.

But some viewers thought they were a bit hypocritical…

Some The Bachelor viewers think Hannah and Victoria are hypocrites

As the show aired last night, many fans shared their thoughts on social media about Madison’s decision to save herself for marriage.

One viewer highlighted the irony of both Victoria F and Hannah Ann wearing necklaces with Christian crosses on them — and then judging Madison for staying true to herself and her beliefs.


Victoria said that she felt it was unfair for Peter to be put in this situation, as he is trying to find his wife.

However, a lot of viewers were supportive of Madison for choosing to stay true to who she is and what she wants. As one person pointed out, it’s perfectly normal for her not wanting to get engaged to someone who just slept with someone else — less than a week before the proposal.

Others supported how she did not let a man define her or influence her views.

There were also other reactions to Madison’s stance

Not everyone who watched last night’s episode of The Bachelor was fully behind Madison’s stance. While most people understood her decision to stay true to herself, others were vocal in questioning why she would go on The Bachelor in the first place — as sex is part of the Fantasy Suite dates for most couples.

On the episode, Madison warned Peter that she wasn’t sure if she could stay on the show if he chose to have sex with any of the other women. He appeared to understand and respect her perspective on sex.

However, he still appeared surprised and sad when she chose to leave their dinner date so she could have time to think about the whole thing.

Even though she was seen walking away as the episode ended, it’s possible that she didn’t walk away from the whole experience and Peter Weber. We’ll all have to tune in when The Bachelor returns to find out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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