Did Madison go home on The Bachelor after walking out of her overnight date? [Spoilers]

Madison P
Did Madison P leave The Bachelor tonight? Pic credit: ABC

Madison Prewett appears to be getting the last word on The Bachelor.

Last week, the episode ended with Madison taking Peter aside, as she questioned whether he understood her dedication to her own values and beliefs.

This week, the episode ended with her walking out of their overnight date after she learns that Peter has been intimate with Victoria F and Hannah Ann.

The previews hint that she won’t be coming back on the show, as she doesn’t show up for the rose ceremony.

She feels betrayed by him because she knew how he was feeling about the whole thing.

But she does show up – she’s just making a late appearance.

Madison won’t be leaving The Bachelor next week

We already know that Peter didn’t send Madison home this week after she pulled him aside after the last rose ceremony.

However, Madison won’t be leaving The Bachelor just yet. In fact, she’s staying until the very end to see if there is a romantic connection between her and Peter.

We know, thanks to Reality Steve’s coverage, that Peter ends up sending Victoria F home next week.

He keeps Madison and Hannah Ann around for the finale.

Madison filmed something this month

We don’t know the final outcome of The Bachelor this season. However, we do have some ideas based on what has popped up on Reality Steve’s Twitter feed.

We know that she is one of the final two, but we don’t know whether Peter’s mom’s comments about “bringing her home to us” is actually a reference to Madison.

Plus, it’s possible that Peter hasn’t picked Madison or Hannah Ann just yet. He claims that his season of The Bachelor is unknown in terms of the final ending. We’ve already guessed that he may not have chosen anyone yet and that the final decision will be made on the live finale on After The Final Rose.

What’s interesting is that Madison was spotted in Auburn, Alabama with a film crew on February 12, 2020. It’s uncertain whether it’s for The Bachelor, but many guessed that it had something to do with the finale.

ABC hasn’t said anything about her filming something with Bachelor producers.

As for Peter, he claims he’s happy with the outcome of his season of The Bachelor. The finale will reveal it all and it airs in two weeks.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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