The Bachelor spoilers: Will Peter Weber send Madison home after she pulls him aside? [Spoilers]

Is Madison leaving Peter Weber on The Bachelor? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber had just sent Kelsey Weier packing during last week’s episode of The Bachelor when Madison decided to pull him aside.

At the time, the two had just finished an amazing hometown date.

But Madison hadn’t told him about saving herself for marriage and the stance she had about Peter having sex with the other women.

The episode cut short before we saw what she decided to share with him, but we know the context of the conversation.

Now, we can reveal that Madison will put Peter in an interesting position.

Peter Weber surprised by Madison’s aside

Peter appeared to be caught off guard by Madison’s decision to pull him aside. Reality Steve shared his take on the episode, which airs tonight.

He explains that Madison doesn’t exactly say she’s a virgin. She does, however, tell him that if he sleeps with anyone else during this journey, she’ll have a hard time moving forward with him.

He questions whether it means what he thinks what it means — that he can’t have sex with any of the remaining girls.

She denies giving him an ultimatum but reveals that his actions will speak louder than words.

It will later be revealed that he does have sex with Hannah Ann and Victoria on the show, but right now, it’s uncertain whether this happens before or during the Fantasy Suite.

It’s not uncommon for the couples to hook up throughout filming.

Peter Weber does keep Madison around – at least next week

We do know that Madison does stick around for at least another week, thanks to Reality Steve’s coverage of the spoilers.

Madison does appear in the preview for the finale episode, which means she does end up sticking around – at least for now.

We’ve already reported that Madison was spotted with a film crew in Auburn, Alabama, back on February 12, just ahead of the Women Tell All special.

Since the finale was already filmed months ago, we don’t know what she was doing with the crew. But we speculate that it could have something to do with the After The Final Rose special and Peter’s constant claims that his season remains unspoiled.

We also know that Peter does keep her around for the Fantasy Suite week, which is this week. However, her decision to remain a virgin and save herself for marriage appears to cause some friction with them.

It’s uncertain whether it will affect the final outcome of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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