What happens next week on The Bachelor for Fantasy Suite dates? [Spoilers]

Peter Weber
What happens next week on The Bachelor for Peter Weber? Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber just made a shocking decision on The Bachelor.

He chose to keep Victoria F on the show instead of sending her home after a failed hometown date.

Things were going fine until Peter’s ex-girlfriend shows up and warned him about Victoria, something that would come to ruin their evening dinner with her parents.

But even after he left her on the sidewalk as he was about to meet her parents, he chose to keep her and send Kelsey home.

And just as the episode was about to end, Madison pulls him aside and reveals to the camera that she has no intention of changing who she is.

Madison’s ultimatum to Peter

Based on the previews for next week’s episode, Madison appears to have an ultimatum for Peter.

Of course, we don’t know what that ultimatum is, but there are a few hints as to what it could be.

Later in the preview, Madison reveals that she is indeed a virgin and she can’t really see herself with Peter if he has sex with anyone else on the show.

Victoria then says that Madison is unfair for putting him in this situation. Of course, editing could make this seem like she’s using sex – or the lack of sex – to control him.

The preview also reveals the growing tension between the women, as they have to live together during their time in Australia. It’s clear that they aren’t too pleased about it because of their growing relationships and feelings with Peter.

Given what Madison tells Peter during the rose ceremony that ended tonight, Victoria appears to have some strong feelings about it, calling out Madison as unfair.

Reality Steve doesn’t have any spoilers for the Fantasy Suite dates, except for the elimination.

Who will be sent home during The Bachelor?

Even though many feel that Victoria should have been sent home tonight, Peter will finally chop her from The Bachelor next week.

Reality Steve explains that Peter will finally see that Victoria isn’t the one for him and send her home after their overnight date.

He also adds that Victoria – like Hannah Brown – does not play a role in his finale episode breakdown. He isn’t questioning whether he should have kept her around and he doesn’t realize that he’s deeply in love with her.

Steve argues that once she’s gone, she’s completely gone.

We have a theory as to what happens during the finale and why the season remains unspoiled and Victoria has nothing to do with it.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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