Teresa Giudice finally admits she was ‘upset’ Dina Manzo skipped her wedding

Teresa Giudice attends a book signing at The Grateful Palate; Dina Manzo at Island Def Jam Rocks Times Square, 2010
Teresa Giudice talks about her friendship with Dina Manzo. Pic credit: © Pictures/ Epn

Teresa Giudice is finally getting honest about her relationship with her former bestie Dina Manzo amid speculations they had a falling out.

The pair and their husbands were often posted on social media in snaps from exotic vacations until people noticed that suddenly stopped.

Teresa insisted they were fine, but Dina’s glaring absence from her 2022 wedding to Luis Ruelas proved otherwise.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star told everyone that Dina skipped the extravagant affair because it was being filmed for the show, and she didn’t want to be on camera.

Teresa tried to convince everyone that she was fine with Dina’s decision.

Recently, she finally confessed to being upset with her once close friend.

Here’s why Dina Manzo skipped Teresa Giudice’s wedding to Luis Ruelas

Carlos King covered all the bases on his podcast Reality with the King as he grilled Teresa about all the rumors in the press.

One topic was her relationship with Dina which has changed drastically, despite the OG claiming that things are fine between them

“Why wasn’t Dina at your wedding,? Carlos bluntly asked.

“She didn’t wanna be filmed, and it’s okay and I was totally fine with it,” Teresa initially responded.

When asked about the current state of their relationship with Dina, the RHONJ star noted that the vicious mob assault on Dina’s current husband by her ex has a lot to do with why they haven’t seen each other.

“She just doesn’t feel comfortable coming back to Jersey, it’s scary for her cause of what happened and I totally respect that, so that’s it,” explained the 52-year-old.

“She just wants to keep her distance,” Teresa continued. “She doesn’t want people to know when she comes to Jersey.”

Teresa admits she was ‘upset’ at Dina Manzo for skipping her wedding

During her chat with Carlos, the RHONJ star fessed up about how she felt when Dina skipped her wedding.

“At first I was upset cause she didn’t come to the wedding but listen, I didn’t go through what she went through…now I totally understand,” said Teresa, who noted that if she were in Dina’s situation she would not want to return to New Jersey either.

The mom of four said Dina still communicates via texts with her youngest daughter Audriana — her goddaughter.

However, it seems Dina has been keeping her distance from Teresa and Luis even when she’s in the Garden State.

“When she comes to Jersey, no one knows when she’s coming,” said Teresa.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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