Temptation Island spoiler: Alexcys highlights a story on social media that hints she may not have left the island with Kendal

Alexcys and Kendal from Temptation Island
Kendal and Alexcys on Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

There has been a lot of excellent reality TV drama when it comes to Kendal and Alexcys’ relationship on Temptation Island, and a recent social media posting hinted at a surprising outcome for the pair.

Kendal came to the island with his girlfriend, Erica, but quickly hopped into bed and began a new relationship with Alexcys. To top it off, Alexcys and Kendal had a threesome with another single, Nickole, and began a throuple for a while.

While jealousy got in the way of the throuple on Alexcys’ part, Kendal expressed an interest in getting to know Nickole better, a sentiment which she returned.

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When the final elimination and overnight dates were chosen, viewers anticipated a possibly messy and scandalous choice from Kendal.

With that said, Alexcys was chosen, and she and Kendal deepened their connection on the final date, with Kendal talking about the possibility of leaving the island with Alexcys as being real.

But was the possibility real for Alexcys? Something she posted on her Instagram story has fans wondering the outcome of the final bonfire.

Alexcys posted a cryptic story to Instagram

Alexcys reposted a followers story where they said, “WE LOVE @alexcysjordyn But NOTTTT Kendal!!!!”

Alexcys Homan IG Story
Alexcys shared a cryptic fan comment to her IG story. Pic credit: @alexcysjordyn/Instagram

Alexcys included her own heart above this repost, which is a bold move that could mean that she agrees with what the fan is saying.

The post, and the diss to Kendal, could mean that at the final bonfire, Alexcys’ fears that he will treat her the same way he treated Erica came true. She voiced her concern that Kendal might choose to repair things with Erica and go back on his promise to be with her.

Alexcys’ choice to highlight a negative fan comment could point to the fact that she was disappointed and hurt by Kendal’s decision on the island.

Other possible outcomes for Kendal and Alexcys

Kendal has been very contradictory about every romantic relationship he has formed. In one interview, he talks about how he can see himself with Alexcys and having kids, and in another, he insinuates that he will be hitting up Nickole once they are off the island.

He consistently comes back to exploring his relationship with Erica despite all the shady things he’s done to her during this journey.

It seems like Alexcys is putting her all into Kendal and hoping for a favorable outcome, whereas Kendal needs to see what Erica says before making a decision.

Either way it turns out, it will make some must-watch drama and there will be a lot for viewers to soak in.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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