Temptation Island’s Kendal Kirkland is not winning any fans after he continues to disrespect his girlfriend Erica Washington

Kendal Kirkland and Erica Washington on Temptation Island
Kendal Kirkland continues to disrespect Erica Washington on Temptation Island Pic credit: USA

Temptation Island viewers saw Kendal Kirkland take his new relationship with Alexcys Homan even further when they decided to have a threesome and bring another single, Nickole Ciszak, into the mix.

Erica had to watch the clip during the bonfire, and she went so far as to say, “My new normal is watching Kendal have sex with other women.”

Each week, viewers have shown their support for Erica over social media as she’s continued to be barraged by Kendal’s thoughtless actions.

Fans are livid at Kendal’s disrespectful choices and gaslighting personality, and they’ve voiced their opinions on social media.

Fans react to Kendal’s selfish and cruel behavior

Even though the pair came to the island with no rules or boundaries, viewers are saying that there is a “difference in ‘no rules’ and a complete disregard for your girlfriend.”

Fans were also disgusted by his lack of empathy when the guys eliminated a few of the single girls. He called them “dead weight” and said that he is used to firing people and he does it all the time.

Fans of Temptation Island comment on Kendal and Erica's relationship
Fans of the show weigh in on Reddit. Pic credit: @jennybenny2845/Reddit

Followers felt like Erica had been beaten down so much that even if she did leave the island alone, he will still have the power to manipulate her.

They said he is “practiced at diminishing her worries, gaslighting her, and generally getting her to accept his poor behavior.”

Fans talk about their bad feelings towards Kendal. Pic credit: @FraughtOverwrought/Reddit

Some onlookers were grossed out by the threesome that went down.

As one Twitter user put it, “Erica will be leaving the island with clarity and Kendal will be leaving with chlamydia.”

Erica has a large following of supporters

Erica has shown true growth during her time on the island so far and has been very well-spoken, reflective, and concise during the bonfires.

On Instagram, she has over 16,000 followers and has received several compliments on her pictures from fellow castmates and fans.

The comments her followers left have been encouraging and have praised her self-confidence, resiliency, and strength.

Erica had mentioned that her relationship with Kendal has been the best relationship she has ever had, which was shocking to fans.

Several episodes remain this season, which means there is plenty of room for more scandal, surprises, and hook ups.

Kendal’s actions going forward could possibly redeem his reputation with fans but he is not showing any signs of changing his behavior.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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