Temptation Island recap: Don’t change who you are to make someone else happy

Mark Walberg
Mark Walberg talking to the boys in Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

The individuals in relationships continued their growth this week and got closer to the singles on the island. One person got so close to the singles that he had a threesome.

Eliminations took place this week so that the both sides could continue their bond with the people they have the strongest connections with – but it was not an entirely smooth event.

There was also no shortage of partying, and tears, and breakthrough moments. Many took the opportunity to self reflect and start going about things differently.

There was a bonfire for the girls this episode, where host, Mark Walberg, led the girls through painful footage of their boyfriends.

There were times of pain and intimacy

This week’s spicy situation outdid the spicy situation from last week where Kendal and Alexcys hooked up. The pair invited Nickole to share their bed and hook up, which was shocking and fascinating for everyone in the guy’s villa.

Erica saw this hookup during the bonfire and said that watching Kendal have sex with other women is now her new norm. She had one breakdown this week, but remained resilient during the bonfire.

Julian had a hard time hoping that Kristen has not outgrown him. He already knows that he wants to be with her one hundred percent.

Kristen was having trouble finding the reason why she is still with Julian when someone asked her about it. She said even if he does pass the test, she is afraid they will be in the same place.

Kristen also made a upsetting reveal during the bonfire when she brought up her brother who passed away.

Erin saw a clip of two girls who like Corey talking badly about her. She feels like the single girls are misrepresenting her and that she hopes she can still keep Corey.

Chelsea allowed herself to get closer to Blake after she saw Thomas acting in his same old ways that she hates.

Thomas feels like Chelsea is being hypocritical and says he is open to exploring a relationship with a girl on the island.

Mark used his emotional intelligence this week

During the elimination is the girls’ villa, the guys got really catty and made snippy comments at the girls, which they took offense to. Evan, who was eliminated, made rude comments about their flaws in their relationships.

Mark Walberg is the host of Temptation Island
Mark Walberg was there for the participants this week after some negativity grew out of eliminations, Pic credit: USA Network

Mark jumped in and quelled the situation by saying, “There are a lot of emotions, sometimes it benefits you and sometimes it doesn’t.” He then asked the four eliminated men to exit.

When we saw Kristen breakdown over the death of her brother, Mark walked over and sat by her side to be there for her, which he has not done before.

Mark reminded the girls during the bonfire that they are feeling all these things because they are trying to control, manage, and protect themselves, and that these are things you feel when facing the truth.

Next week will turn it up even higher

We saw a “Glow Up” party at the girls villa this week, and a truth or dare hot tub sesh at the guys villa, but next week looks like everyone will be loosening up even more.

Nickole and Alexcys seemed like they are going to continue their thrupple with Kendal, while he is along for the ride.

Next week, we will see the participants go on dates again, which could potentially create more drama if boundaries are crossed.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA

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