Temptation Island recap: Are there consequences for being yourself?

Kendal and Alexcys from Season 3 of Temptation Island
The participants in both villas let loose this week, but not without a fair share of drama. Pic credit: USA Network

There was a lot of palpable animosity in the girls’ villa, which culminated in one big spat between most of the participants.

The guys’ villa was a lot more carefree, but some situations went down, which could lead to consequences.

And everyone seemed a lot more open this week as people have come to know each other a little more, for better or worse.

Some moments of derailment

Erin looks like she enjoys spending time with Shaquille, although she made it clear that he was in the friend zone, and she took Evan on the 3rd date, where they played soccer golf.

Shaquille did not react well to this and ended up causing a big fuss over the drama Blake was having in the house over people thinking he is fake. There were a lot of words exchanged between the singles in the house, and it was annoying the girls.

Erin and Shaquille from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Erin put Shaquille in the friend zone this week, which annoyed him. Pic credit: USA Network

Kendal decided to fully give in to the experience and shared an intimate night with Alexcys, which was shown to Erica during the bonfire.

This completely pushed past anything Erica thought she would have to deal with, but she took it rather well. During the bonfire, Erica also shared that Kendal has cheated on her before.

It’s going well for some people

This week the girls had a pillow fight pajama party, whereas the guys had a talent show. While the drama was at a minimum in the guys’ villas, the girls’ villa had a lot of tense feelings.

Erin had a hard time watching Corey get close to Amanda during their date, and she said she is afraid she will lose him.

At the same time, Corey was commenting on how shocking it was to see Kendal and Alexcys making a strong connection, and he thought it could possibly happen for him too.

Julian enjoyed his date with Maya, which Kristen saw the highlights of during the bonfire. He says that Maya challenges him in a way the other girls do not and that she reminds him a lot of his Kristen.

Julian from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Julian is learning to open up to the singles and enjoy the experience more. Pic credit: USA Network

Chelsea was in the middle of the drama when the guys were getting at Blake, but she ended up quelling the situation and made it clear she wants everyone to get along.

Mark came through with the comfort

Host, Mark Walberg, is known for coming in and pulling everyone together, and making sure there is growth happening.

This week he made sure the girls were staying present in their emotions and reminded them that they need to heal from their past.

Mark Walberg, host of Temptation Island
Host, Mark Walberg, help the couples find their truths during bonfire. Pic credit: USA Network

Mark asked the girls whether they “would rather have a sharp pain for a short time, or a dull pain for the rest of your life?”

Next week we will find out how the guys will react during their bonfire and see the participants go on more dates. It looks like we will also witness some snippy situations in the girls’ house and more fun in the guys’ house.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA

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