Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg answers IG Live questions about what his job is like

Temptation Island host Mark L. Wahlberg is sharing his experience working on the show
Temptation Island host Mark L. Wahlberg is sharing his experience working on the show. Pic credit: USA Network

Mark L. Walberg, the charismatic host of Temptation Island, went live on Instagram to answer fan questions about his background, connection with the cast, and the trials of the job.

On Instagram, Mark is very active, usually posting about the upcoming season which premieres on Tuesday, February 16th at 10 pm EST. Ahead of the new season premiere, Mark took a new approach to his IG feed and connected with viewers on a personal level.

Mark is known for his tough-love style and makes it known that he will be asking the hard questions to draw the best out of you. This style often leads to very profound reveals from the cast members, often ending in tears and growth.

Questions asked about Temptation Island

Mark Walberg’s reality tv hosting background actually started with Antique Roadshow, where he was a host for over ten years before crossing over as host of Temptation Island.

Fans on IG were curious to know if Mark has a background in psychology since he comes off as profound and aware during the bonfires with the cast. To answer the fan question Mark wrote, “No. But I’ve done a lot of work on my EQ (emotional intelligence). I’ve been married a long time and have more life experience than these young couples. I just listen deep and try to help.”

Pic credit: @markwalberg/Instagram

Other fans wanted to know if he gets close to them [the cast] while shooting, to which he responded, “I feel very attached and invested. I feel close and that feeling remains long after the show airs. How they feel about me is another story! hahah.”

Pic credit: @markwalberg/Instagram

Another great question asked if it is hard hosting TI. Mark answered “I have the easiest job on the island, but it is emotionally draining. Unless you don’t care. But I do. A lot. I really want the best for the couples.

Pic credit: @markwalberg/Instagram

Most Interesting Question Answered

With so much happening on Temptation Island, it is the host’s job to keep all the moving parts in check and make the show entertaining and deep. Host Mark Walberg is responsible for talking through the individual issues of each participant and helping the couples to either come together or go their separate ways.

With this in mind, one fan asked, “Is it hard to remain neutral when you see events on both sides go down?”

Mark answered, “Being impartial may be the hardest part. I want so badly to tell them it’s not okay or not, but I can’t!”

Pic credit: @markwalberg/Instagram

Stay tuned for the new season of Temptation Island

Mark’s IG Live Q&A session gave fans a look inside the host of USA Networks background and feeling about the show.

Season 3 will see some couples who want to discover new aspects of their relationship and others who have come in search of love after a heartbreak. The series focuses on temptation and how it has the potential to unsettle relationships.

Temptation Island Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, February 16 at 10/9 on USA.

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