Temptation Island Season 3 singles revealed — Watch the trailer now

Meet the Temptation Island Season 3 singles.
23 sexy singles are ready to tempt four couples on Temptation Island Season 3. Pic credit: Patrick Ecclesine/USA Network

The Temptation Island Season 3 singles have been revealed by USA Network, and a new trailer has also dropped.

Two weeks after Temptation Island unveiled the four couples whose relationship will be tested, USA Network has introduced the 23 singles set to tempt those couples.

The single ladies

Katrina Koomen is a model from Michigan who loves soccer. She is competitive, goes after what she wants, and is rarely intimidated. Katrina only dates older men.

Maya Morsi is an adrenaline junkie from California with a love of motorcycles. She is protective of her heart because of past relationships and wants a man who can match her intellect.

Nickole Ciszak is a marketing manager from New Jersey. She falls hard and wears her heart on her sleeve. Nicole hopes to find love by being her unique self.

Grace Hagan is a PR assistant from New York. She is tired of playing the dating app game and wants to find the one. Grace loves tall men with a sense of humor.

Sophia Perez is a Florida based makeup artist who is always the life of the party. She is coming off a breakup. Sophia hopes Temptation Island will bring her a new relationship.

Amanda Spain-Butts is a student of microbiology, lab technician, and waitress from Texas. She spent a long time in an unhealthy relationship and is looking for a man who treats her right.

Isabel Thanimithak is a bartender from Nevada. She recently got out of a toxic relationship. Isabel doesn’t like to lose and will fight for the man she wants.

Lauryn Stewart is a personal trainer from Georgia who puts health and fitness first. She is newly divorced and hopes to find someone who can handle her blunt honesty.

Lauren “Tula” Poindexter is a former Miss Louisiana who lives in Maryland. She has had it rough in the love department and is coming off a broken engagement.

Alexcys Homan is a personal assistant from California who works hard and plays hard. She is ready to put the single life behind her but will not settle for second best in a romance.

Madilynn “Maddy” Brown is a dancer from Virginia who loves a good time. She is a serial dater because she hasn’t met a guy worth settling down with yet.

The single guys

Juwan Haynes is a former football player and mama’s boy from California. He wants a woman his mom likes who is ready for marriage and a family.

Evan McFadden is a Christian and mama’s boy with good morals from California. His ex-girlfriend left him broken-hearted, but Evan still believes he is a true catch.

Tom Triola is a successful man that is full of confidence from New Jersey. He is an excellent cook thanks to his big Italian family. Tom was never ready for a commitment until now.

Dr. Blake Eyres is a dentist from Missouri who loves adventure and the outdoors. He is ready to show the ladies of Temptation Island that he is a good catch.

Griffin Libhart is a former professional soccer player from Maryland. He gets lots of female attention. Griffin is looking for something deeper than a physical connection.

David Silvia is a sales rep from Rhode Island with a knack for winning people over. He is always the life of the party but is now looking to settle down and have a family.

Alex Alvarez is a former party boy from California. He is a country music and line dancing fanatic with a good job, looking to find the one.

Shaquille Urie is a personal trainer and model from Colorado. He lights up every room he walks into and hopes to find the one who can deal with his charisma.

Rocky Buttery is an athlete who is full of confidence from Florida. He likes all the attention on him. Rocky needs a woman who likes to work out and is ready for love.

Lex Lindquist is a business owner from Florida who is tired of dating. He gets bored quickly and wants a woman who can keep him entertained. Lex is also looking for someone who is not high maintenance.

Trent Jespersen is a real estate agent from Florida. He is full of charm but is also a very thoughtful guy. Trent is ready for a deep and meaningful relationship.

Jesse Stephanos is a confident, outgoing business owner from Florida who loves to be outside. He is ready for a woman who can keep up with him.

Wow, those are some great singles joining the hit reality TV show. Hopefully, the couples are ready.

Temptation Island Season 3 premieres Tuesday, February 16 at 10/9c USA.

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