Love Island USA: Who will fall into temptation at Casa Amor?

johnny and mercedes love island
Casa Amor brings new temptations to Love Island USA. Pic Credit: CBS

Fresh off a recoupling, new girl Lauren and ex-college football player Tre leave the villa as the most incompatible couple (no surprise there).

Just when the island is finally calming down, the girls think they’re getting whisked away for a luxurious spa day but little did they know – the boys were sneaking off to Casa Amor.

Now with the boys and girls in two different villas, new singles are thrown in to give the islanders the first real test in their relationships.

Moira and Calvin

moira calvin love island
Moira and Calvin aren’t as solid as it once seemed. Pic Credit: CBS

Although Moira said she was falling for Calvin, this was before new boy Jalen professed his intent for her as soon as he walked in.

Coming on to her hard, Jalen lets her know exactly how beautiful he thinks she is. After admitting to finding him attractive, Moira lets him know that she is open to getting to know him.

It looks like this solid couple of Moira and Calvin isn’t so solid after all.

Kirsten and Carrington

kiersten carrington love island usa
Carrington and Kierstan started strong but drifted. Pic Credit: CBS

The couple was on shaky ground before Casa Amor, and it’s no surprise both hit the ground running in the new villas. Carrington expressed that he wasn’t a fan of Kierstan’s lifestyle and wanted someone who wasn’t in nightlife.

It was obvious that Carrington was going to take full advantage of being in a villa with new single girls.

Viewers cheered Love Island’s Kierstan on as she didn’t look back and pursued new connections.

Justine and Caleb

justine and caleb love island
Justine and Caleb are the Love Island wild card. Pic Credit: CBS

This couple is a wild card as they are the freshest in the villa.

While Justine hasn’t had the smoothest ride in the villa, she finally found qualities she liked in Caleb. The two didn’t have much time before Casa Amor to figure out how they felt, but they were off to a great start.

Caleb has shown good qualities through his journey on Love Island, and we’re looking forward to seeing if he keeps it up.

Connor and Mackenzie

connor and mackenzie love island
Mackenzie and Connor on Love Island. Pic Credit: CBS

We thought Connor and Mackenzie would be the couple to make it through Casa Amor’s temptation. It’s proving hard for one – and it’s not the one we expected.

Although Connor does have Mackenzie on his mind – she may have other plans.

She’s taking Connor’s advice and letting the experiment take its course.

“It is good to explore that other type that I like,” she explains.

Cely and Johnny

celly and johnny love island
Cely and Johnny on Love Island. Pic Credit: CBS

Johnny was able to resist UK bombshell Lauren, but Casa Amor is looking to be a challenge for him. He admitted that new girl Mercedes is the girl he’s the most physically attracted too and that she’s brought the personality to match.

Bad news for Cely on Love Island because Mercedes feels the same way, and she’s definitely making sure Johnny knows it.

This couple self-proclaimed themselves the strongest  – however, in the next episode, we see him sharing an intimate moment with Mercedes.

Which relationships will make it out of Casa Amor? Viewers are looking forward to finding out which relationships succeed and crumble in the temptation.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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Jennifer Martinez
Jennifer Martinez
3 years ago

Please don’t let Johnny and Cely split up,and let Mercedes become interested in someone else