Love Island: Viewers vote has Mackenzie showing her crazy

Connor trying to convince Mackenzie that his head won’t be turned on his date with new girl Lauren.  Pic Credit: CBS

Fresh off a recoupling, the islanders are getting comfortable in their new relationships.

This doesn’t last long, because, of course, this is Love Island and the drama is what we’re all waiting for.

We were promised drama and the bombshell from England brought it.

New girl Lauren shakes things up

Dubbed the “hottest girl to walk through the villa,” Lauren has all the boys — even the boys with solid connections — turning their heads.

They made sure to let her know they weren’t completely tied down and were open to getting to know her. The guys have also made it no secret how physically attracted they all are to her.

The girls are losing it. From Kirsten with Carrington to Mackenzie with Connor, Lauren has proven herself to be a threat to all relationships on the island.

Mackenzie kept reiterating how “not intimidated she was,” but Lauren could hardly get within six feet of talking to Connor without her arms wrapped around him.

America got what they wanted

Mackenzie begs Connor to not go on the date with UK bombshell Lauren. Pic Credit: CBS

Mackenzie definitely looked intimidated when America’s vote was revealed.

It was the first vote of the season and it panned out exactly how social media wanted it.

America voted for Connor to go on a date with Lauren – to which Mackenzie immediately made a scene and started crying.

We can only imagine how Mackenzie would’ve felt if Lauren picked him herself.

Mackenzie went on to say it isn’t about Connor going on a date – it’s about America hating her.

“Why would America vote for someone that is in a happy relationship,” she cried. When in reality, the only person who thinks she’s in a happy relationship is her.

“I’m gonna be sick, I think I’m going to throw up,” she continued, as Connor revealed he felt a sense of relief to be leaving.

Connor has already expressed that his attraction to new girl Lauren is stronger than his attraction to Mackenzie.

The next episode previews Connor telling Lauren, “When you walked into the villa – you were exactly what I was looking for.”

It didn’t end there. Lauren also had her choice of two boys to go on dates with. The pot continued stirring as she chose Cely’s partner Johnny and Kirsten’s partner, Carrington.

Who’s man will she end up taking? We’ll find out Thursday.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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