Love Island: Surprise double recoupling dumps two off the island

The longest-lasting relationship was a couple that didn’t leave together on the show. Pic Credit: CBS

With the addition of the two new boys, it’s getting a little crowded on Love Island.

The girls have the power this week and the boys are sent scrambling to put in some last-minute work to avoid leaving the Las Vegas villa.

Jeremiah signed his own death wish

After choosing Moira to kiss in the challenge, Rachel senses a shift in Jeremiah and pulls him for a chat to see where his heads at.

She was right as he lets her know that he’s not feeling the relationship.

He could’ve friend-zoned her after the recoupling to save himself, but islanders agreed that Jeremiah is a great guy and his character shown through in being direct with her.

With the other islanders just as surprised in her choosing new boy Caleb, she began her recoupling speech, “I didn’t necessarily expect the week to go as it did.”

Caleb has made his intentions clear and that was good enough for Rachel.

Viewers loved Jeremiah’s honesty – but it ultimately sent him home as it made Rachel’s decision easy on who she should choose in the recoupling.

The decision came down to Moira

Viewers cringed at bitter James telling the group “he can have her” about Moira, then coming back before the looming recoupling to see if he still had a chance with her.

Although the two had an initial spark – Moira was quickly put off when James reacted so negatively to her going on a date.

While James was being resentful, new boy Calvin was filling newly injured Moira with a smooth game, “If you forget your crutches, I can be the one you lean on”.

She was already feeling the pressure with James to move quickly, but Moira is quickly put at ease when Calvin lets her know he’s okay with moving at her pace.

It’s safe to say this wasn’t a hard decision for Moira to make.

Viewers get to choose who the new girl steals for a date

You can take Love Island out of the UK, but you can’t take the UK out of Love Island as the new islander Lauren comes to us from Oxford, England.

While her sights are set on Johnny – this is the first time viewers have a chance to have their say on the show.

After seeing how jealous Mackenzie got over Connor’s triple kiss during the truth or dare game, viewers hinted in stirring the pot and voting for Mackenzie’s partner to date new girl Lauren.

The villa is heating up and we’re all looking forward to seeing who viewers choose to date new islander Lauren.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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