Where and when was Love Island USA 2020 filmed?

Love Island USA Season 2: Where and when was it filmed?
Love Island is not being filmed on an island due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pic credit: CBS/Robert Voets

Fans want to know when Love Island USA was filmed in 2020.

The hit CBS reality TV show is back after nearly a year hiatus. The Love Island Season 2 premiere has brought a slew of questions, especially considering the coronavirus pandemic.

After all, the show is about sexy singles looking for love. It requires islanders to be in close quarters and, of course, get physical. As the season kicks off, a couple of those lingering fan questions are being answered.

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Where was Love Island USA 2020 filmed?

The first season of Love Island USA was filmed in a remote villa in Fiji. It was gorgeous and completely cut off the islanders from the rest of the world.

While the concept for Season 2 is the same, the logistics have switched due to restrictions and precautions amid COVID-19.

One significant change is the location. Instead of being on an exclusive island, the new crops of participants are being sequestered in the Cromwell Hotel in Las Vegas. The Caesars Entertainment boutique hotel has been taken over by the CBS cast and crew to create a bubble environment for safety.

Love Island USA host Arielle Vandenberg gave fans a glimpse of the villa — yes, it is being referred to as a villa — before the premiere. She also joked about being on a show called Love Island but not actually being on an island.

When was Love Island 2020 filmed?

Another question fans are asking is when was the new season of Love Island filmed? The answer is right now.

The islanders, yes that is what the contestants are still being called, have been in quarantine for weeks. Production has also been on lockdown for weeks preparing for the show to begin filming.

Love Island USA airs in real-time. That means viewers are watching what goes down in the villa literally hours after the footage was caught on camera.

The show is airing Monday to Friday, with a special two-hour weekly recap on Saturdays. Thanks to the heavy and tight schedule, production has minimal time to prepare each episode.

Plus, fan involvement plays a significant part in the show. There is voting to determine who stays, who goes, and so much more throughout the course of the show. So, filming has to be done in real-time because of fan participation.

The second season of Love Island USA is in full swing. Fans are in for one crazy and wild ride with the new crop of sexy singles.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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