Love Island USA Season 2 premiere date revealed: Here’s when the CBS show returns

CBS has set a premiere date for Love Island USA Season 2.
The wait is almost over for Love Island Season 2. Pic credit: CBS

CBS has set a premiere date for Love Island USA Season 2, and it is soon. Yes, the wait is almost over for the hit reality TV show.

Love Island was supposed to premiere in May. However, the future of the show had been uncertain due to the coronavirus pandemic. CBS never gave up hope that there would be a way to air the hit love experiment, even with the new safety protocols in place for COVID-19.

Once CBS got Big Brother up and running, it was only a matter of time before Love Island USA hit the airwaves. The two reality TV shows are now staples for CBS in the summer, and the network was determined to get them on the air in 2020.

Love Island USA Season 2 premiere date

Since Love Island is filmed in real-time, the turnaround time to get an episode on air is quick. ITV America CEO David George previously shared that fans would be watching contestants find love in no time once CBS gave the green light.

Less than two weeks after news broke, CBS moved the show from Fiji to Las Vegas. Now, a premiere date has been revealed.

Love Island USA premieres on August 24 with a special two-hour episode. The U.S. version of the hit British show will then air a one-hour episode each Sunday through Friday with a two-hour weekly recap on Saturdays.

Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman are both back for the new season.

In 2019, CBS aired the show Monday through Friday for four weeks. The network hasn’t revealed if it is following a similar pattern or if Love Island Season 2 will air longer.

Should it follow last year’s four-week run, the reality TV show will run until CBS’s fall schedule is slated to premiere.

Quarantine bubble production plans

The cast and crew will be quarantined in Caesars Entertainment’s boutique hotel, The Cromwell, for the duration of filming. Everyone involved with the CBS show will be tested for COVID-19 and isolated from others before entering the hotel. Testing will also be administered throughout the run of the show.

Much like Big Brother, crew and staff are required to wear PPE. They will also work in pods to adhere to social distancing and there are excessive cleaning and disinfectant protocols in place for cast and crew.

Since the show is about finding love, fans are wondering how the close interaction with the participants will work.

The inaugural season saw couples sharing the same bed and getting physical daily. There was no social distancing in Fiji. The participants are isolated, so perhaps social distancing will not be necessary once inside the hotel.

One thing is for sure: Love Island USA Season 2 is going to be interesting.

Love Island USA Season 2 premieres on Monday, August 24 at 9/8c on CBS.

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jeanne marsillo
jeanne marsillo
3 years ago

So when is it coming on ?