If you think Cely is gorgeous on Love Island – You need to look at her Instagram

Cely is all smiles for her Love Island cast picture. Pic Credit: CBS

By Episode 2 of Love Island USA, Cely Vazquez proved that she is a hot commodity – having already been snatched by three different partners.

But who is this self-proclaimed “spicy Latina”?

Who is the Northern California native?

According to her Love Island bio, she grew up in rural Manteca and later went on to pursue a Criminal Justice degree at California State University, Sacramento.

She went off to work a 9-to-5 as a legal secretary, but not without having her problems with HR regarding her wardrobe.

While she tended to wear the pants in her past relationships, at Love island she’s hoping to find someone more dominant. She’d much rather meet someone the old fashioned way, like in a coffee shop or the gym, but that’s not really an option due to being stuck in quarantine.

She does have her naughty side, as it was revealed in a challenge that she once flipped a coin to decide who she was going home with.

When asked, what it’s like dating her, she said, “I laugh at inappropriate times, I’m enthusiastic, I burst out in song randomly, believe animals are friends, not food, and love Star Wars marathons! Plus, I’m always extra, like my guac!”

Although she does consider herself extra, she ultimately is looking for someone that matches her energy. She wants someone that “loves Cely as much as Cely loves Cely.”

She’s actually a really great singer


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Gunna tell my kids I was Summer Walker (jk she’s the only queen) also link in bio for full vid:)

A post shared by CELY VAZQUEZ (@thecelyvazquez) on

Not only is she a good singer, but she can also play the guitar.

Upon stalking her Instagram, it looks like she actually had a callback for another popular show – The Voice.

Her feed is filled with covers from Summer Walker to Miguel to original compositions – this girl has a voice on her. The beach might be the key to her heart, as in most of her pictures she can be found in the sand.

The legal secretary has been single for two years. Her last relationship ended due to dramatic arguments and she blames it on their Virgo/Gemini compatibility.

She’s hoping to find the funny man she’s been looking for on Love Island.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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