Temptation Island fans are team Corey, annoyed by Erin

Erin and Corey from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Corey has become a fan favorite while viewers hate on Erin. Pic credit: USA Network

Viewers of Temptation Island are now three episodes in and are forming their opinions about the cast.

There has already been tense, scandalous, and breakthrough moments.

Despite a realization made by Corey’s girlfriend Erin, fans are still unhappy with the way she has treated Corey and are also annoyed by some of her characteristics.

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Erin opened up this week and admitted that she is the problem in the relationship and that her insecurities cause her to treat people badly.

Corey didn’t take long to warm up to the single ladies on the island, and they are helping him to learn his value.

Viewers think Corey deserves better

Corey has portrayed himself on the show so far as a sympathetic gentleman who seems held back and underappreciated by his girlfriend.

Coming onto the show, he shared that he was self-conscious about Erin’s past relationships with professional athletes and he feels like she compares him to them.

Fans are Team Corey and have showed their support for him through their posts.

Temptation Island enthusiasts appreciated that Erin realized some of her wrongdoing as well.

Other admirers of Corey think that he is just the greatest.

Since Corey has been able to open up more to the single girls, he has his hands full with ladies who want dates with him. His popularity even caused some clingy behavior and tears from one of the girls.

Even still, Corey’s attitude is very humble and he hasn’t expressed any carnal interest in the singles like some of his fellow castmates have.

Why is Erin annoying?

Viewers have a problem with Erin because they love Corey and don’t like how she makes him feel. Also, lovers of the show think that her passion for soccer is getting played out fast.

She came onto the show talking about soccer, went on a date where she talked about soccer with an ex-pro soccer player, and so on, so viewers got the point.

One fan even started a drinking game around Erin’s talk of soccer.

Another few fans pretty much sum up viewers feelings about Erin’s soccer journey.

Other watchers of the show are still waiting to find out if their relationship can make it.

If Erin really can turn her attitude and way of communicating with people around, she could still have a shot at keeping her man.

Champions for Corey are not into his relationship with Erin and think that he can be treated better by someone else.

Corey will have plenty of opportunities to discover for himself and whether his relationship with Erin will last, or if he will be leaving the island alone or even with someone else.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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