Temptation Island recap: Practical is not necessarily good and emotional is definitely not bad

Temptation Island Season 3 women
The girls have their first bonfire as host, Mark Walberg, helps them find their truths. Pic credit: USA Network

Host Mark Walberg came in hot with the tea, and also asked the couples some hard questions during the bonfire. He reminded the couples that they are all there because there is some kind of void in their relationships.

The singles played a big role in bringing out the realizations this week, as they tried to form better connections with the people in relationships.

They also made it clear that they will be there to to catch the people in relationships when their significant others slip up.

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Some divisions were made in each villa

After some eye-opening self-discoveries at the bonfire, Erin realized that she is more of the issue in her relationship. She said that she has her own insecurities she needs to work through which cause her to treat others badly.

Meanwhile, there are two girls that Corey has gotten close to in the villa. New drama was created when Corey asked Amanda for a date, instead of Nickole, who came on too strong with her crush on Corey. Nickole ended up very upset with Corey for not choosing her and not letting her know he was taking someone else.

Corey and two of the girls on Temptation Island
Corey unintentionally started some drama in the villa as he shares the affection of two single girls. Pic credit: USA Network

Kristen seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot with the single guys as they have the impression that she is not there to make connections. Blake made the point that she would “rather deal with Julian’s s*** than separate their lives.”

Julian on the other hand acknowledged the possibility that this experience could make Kristen realize that she has outgrown him, and while that would devastate him, he would be okay since he wants the best for her.

What to expect as boundaries ease up

Each villa had themed parties this week where the booze was flowing and everyone was trying to get to know each other better.

We saw more personal growth from Erica this week as she began to separate herself from Kendal. She expressed a commitment to exploring other relationships in her journey to find more confidence.

Kendal on the other hand made it clear that Erica was far from his mind and he was not concerned with what she is doing. He drove that point home as his connection with Alexcys deepened and they shared a kiss.

Kendal and Alexcys got closer during the costume party at the guys villa on Temptation Island
Kendal and Alexcys got closer during the costume party at the guys villa. Pic credit: USA Network

Thomas had a very flirtatious date with Sophia and it seemed like their could be potential between the two.

Chelsea conversely was having a hard time letting her walls down during her date with Blake, but after having a talk with Erin about her fears she realized that it may be a good idea to explore other options.

As fans see the couples search for clarity and make strides in their personal growth, viewers know that this is still early on in the journey and a lot more will happen.

Temptation Island Season 3 premieres Tuesday, February 16 at 10/9c USA.

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