Getting to know the singles on Temptation Island

The Temptation Island singles of Season 3
The Temptation Island singles play an important role in the success of the journey. Pic credit: USA Network

The singles play a critical role on Temptation Island, and that is to be seen, heard and to help those in their rocky relationships realize their potential, whether it be with them or their significant others.

They are there to find love just as much as the couples are trying to explore possibilities.

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of fit, hot, or charismatic singles this season.

@temptationtv highlighted the single men this week in a post which got a lot of attention.

A handful of the singles have stood out this season so far, for both good and bad reasons.

The most controversial Temptation Island singles

Nickole Ciszak is a 23-year-old Jersey girl who knows that she wears her heart on her sleeve. Viewers have already seen this trait, as we saw her being ultra-sensitive about not getting a date selection from Corey last week.

Off the island, Nickole is very active on social media as she is trying to launch a modeling career.

Dr. Blake Eyers, a dentist from St. Louis, has made a name for himself already by stirring the pot and having some strong opinions. Viewers and castmates call him the “Resident daddy.”

Alexcys Homan has been single for four years and has been the biggest temptress of the season so far, after making a strong connection with Kendal.

In her personal life she is a self-proclaimed party girl on the weekends and professional during the week.

Alexcys Homan from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Temptation Island single Alexcys has started a steamy relationship with Kendal. Pic credit: USA Network

Maya Morsi is an adrenaline junkie from the Bay Area who is not afraid to speak her mind.

She got into it with Thomas over his portrayal and misrepresentation of the singles. She made her point that singles have larger roles than just as temptresses and Thomas apologized.

On Evan McFadden’s bio it says that he is a religious good boy, however, he has not shown that during his time on the island so far. He was rude and inappropriate toward Kristen, who was telling him to back off with his aggressive questions on Episode 1.

He even called her a b***h behind her back to the other guys.

Kristen Ramos and Evan McFadden from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Kristen got into it with single, Evan McFadden, after she felt like he was being disrespectful. Pic credit: USA Network

The ones flying under the radar

Shaquille Urieis a former professional football player who changed paths to personal training after an injury. Viewers are very impressed by his physique and gentlemanly attitude towards the experience on the island.

Katrina Koomen has legs for days and is a go-getter who knows what she wants. She is a model and one of the youngest participants at age 22.

It appears that she is closest to Alexcys at the villa, so viewers are waiting for some crazy moments from the blonde bombshells.

Griffith Libhart is now known as the soccer guy, since he is an ex-pro player and the other ex-soccer player, Erin, took him on a date and they just talked about soccer.

His bio says that he has no trouble with the ladies but has a hard time finding a girl to keep his undivided attention.

Griffin Libhart and Erin Smith from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Griffin Libhart is an ex-pro soccer player that caught the attention of Erin Smith who also plays soccer

Sophia Perez was chosen on a date with Thomas last week where there was obvious chemistry.

Sophia is a makeup artist from Miami and boasts that she is the life of party. She also mentioned that she is coming off a breakup herself.

These singles have been making waves in both villas and their presence on the show is making viewers excited to keep watching this season.

The other singles have plenty of time to make their presence known on the show and to potentially sway the hearts of those in relationships.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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