Temptation Island’s Morgan Lolar discusses the controversy of how the singles are portrayed

Thomas and Maya argue over the way Thomas is treating the singles. Pic credit: USA Network

After Season 3 Episode 2 of Temptation Island, there was a scene that sparked a flame in Season 1’s Morgan Lolar, and she took to Instagram live to express her feelings.

During Episode 2, Thomas misunderstood what one of the singles, Maya was saying, and gave her a snide comment seemingly talking down to her. His comment was perceived by Maya as diminishing her worth and very rude in general.

She later went on to make her point to him in front of everyone that he made it seem like the singles are not worth his time. She said, “You think this is a game, like it’s a chance for you to fight your urge. I am a human being. Give us an opportunity, we are here for a reason.”

He went on to apologize, but the lasting question about the purpose of the singles and the way they are treated by the people in relationships still lingered.

This is the point that Morgan attached to and gave her perspective on.

What is bothering Morgan?

Morgan took to her Instagram Story to express her frustration in Thomas’ behavior.

Morgan said that every season, “There is a discrepancy on why the singles are there”.

She said that going into TI, the singles are told that the couples were stuck in tumultuous relationships and trying to figure out if they should be with someone else.

The exact thing that Thomas said he “doesn’t expect to leave without her. The point is to leave together better and stronger.” His statements gave viewers the impression that he is in fact unavailable.

The comment Maya made to that statement was “you’re here to find your match.”

Morgan took aim at Thomas’s statement saying, “It was disrespectful as f**k because he made her look like an object. Like ‘oh she’s just there to tempt me.’”

Morgan speaks her mind about how the singles were misrepresented. Pic credit: @morganlolar/Instagram

She brought up that the same thing happened on Season 1 with John when he kept mentioning that he was just trying not to cheat. Morgan remarked, “To us singles, (we) thought you guys were breaking up for the show and were unhappy but trying to date someone new. Now you are making us look like s***s.”

Her strong statements about the image and perceived purpose of the singles are important ideas to understand for viewers of the show.

How are the singles intended to be seen?

The Temptation Island singles play a huge and critical role in the success of the process.

The singles are there to be more than just eye candy or bait for the couples. The singles are there to help the people in relationships through their journeys, as friends, party buddies, or sometimes as lovers.

It is important to understand that for the people in relationships to reach their end conclusion, they need the fresh perspective, comfort, and openness that the singles give.

It would be wrong to view the singles as only temptations because as Morgan stated, that viewpoint makes them look like objects and takes away from the importance of their role.

The singles on the island are there for far more than to just tempt the people in relationships. Pic credit: USA Network

Viewers and past castmates alike get annoyed when the singles are misrepresented by other members of the show.

Morgan famously left the island with Evan Smith after he denied his then-girlfriend’s pleas to stay together. Morgan and Evan got engaged and stayed together a year and a half before Evan broke up with her abruptly and moved to LA without her.

Temptation Island takes four couples to a crossroads in their relationships and separates them to date other people. The journey is meant to help them figure out whether they want to stay in the relationship, go home alone, or leave with someone else.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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