Temptation Island’s Morgan Lolar opens up about Evan Smith split

Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith before leaving Temptation Island together. Pic credit: USA Network

In an Instagram Live video, Season 1 Temptation Island star Morgan Lolar told her fans to ask away, to which she mostly answered questions about ex Evan Smith and her current dating life.

Ahead of the Season 3 premiere, Morgan cleared the air about any misconceptions that may be floating around in regard to her relationship with Evan.

Are Morgan and Evan Still Talking?

Immediately, a Temptation Island fan wanted to know if Morgan and Evan were still together.

Morgan delved into this question by saying, “Ask anyone that has been in a relationship with a narcissist. It’s extremely hard to separate yourself completely because they have a manipulation control over you.”

Morgan hinted at the fact that they may still be in contact but gave a firm response about Evan’s behavior that echoed her previous statements about Evan being a master manipulator.

She went on to say, “He did every [explatives] thing i said he did.”

When one fan gave her praise and asked why she settled in that relationship, Morgan answered, “We all make mistakes in life and all you can really do is grow as a person and learn from our mistakes”.

Pic credit: @morganlolar/Instagram

The last question Morgan answered was about if she has processed the trauma from gaslighting to which Morgan stated, “I don’t think that any normal human can necessarily fully process the mind of a narcissist because they don’t see humans as human beings, they see them as objects to make their lives easier”.

Pic credit: @morganlolar/Instagram

Is Morgan Dating Again?

In one of her videos, Morgan joked that she has not been on a date she didn’t pay for in a really long time, and a fan wanted to know more about what she meant.

Morgan laughingly answered, “Everything has been closed, so I haven’t been on any dates. Like literally it has been me chilling with me for a year”.

Pic credit: @morganlolar/Instagram

Morgan also mentioned that she would be down to do an interview about the breakup with Evan and that she is open to appearing on a reunion show.

After meeting and falling in love on the island, Evan proposed to Morgan during the six-month check-in and everything seemed great for the pair. That is, until they broke up in late 2019, leaving fans swirling about cheating rumors.

Morgan subsequently went on YouTube, to tell the truth about the breakup. She revealed that a day before the pair was supposed to move to L.A. together, Evan left her without explanation. She also claimed that he isolated her from friends and family and displayed dangerously controlling and manipulative behavior.

Temptation Island Season 3 premieres Tuesday, February 16 at 10/9c on USA.

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