Temptation Island viewers are Team Erica, hate on Kendal

Erica and Kendal from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Erica gives Kendal the side eye as he checks out the single girls. Pic credit: USA Network

Kendal is making a bad first impression on Temptation Island viewers as they take to Twitter to voice their disdain.

Conversely, Kendal’s girlfriend Erica is getting a lot of support on social media and has a loyal following who are eager to see her happy.

Kendal’s behavior over these last few episodes has been questionable for someone in a relationship.

Although the pair didn’t set any boundaries coming into the experience, Kendal rubbed fans the wrong way when he intentionally ignored Erica during the date selection.

As Kendal entertains the possibility of being with someone new, Erica beats herself up about it and feels like her value is diminished. Viewers think this is emotionally abusive behavior and want better for Erica.

How Temptation Island fans are supporting Erica

On Twitter, @0Wait_what0 honed in on the scene where Erica said that Kendal is mature, wise, and advanced after host, Mark Walberg, showed her a video of Kendal grinding with one of the singles. This tweet captures the moment viewers saw.

Another Twitter fan, chimed in on the shared thoughts of fans wanting the best for Erica.

Since we are only a few episodes in to what is going to be a dramatic Season 3, Temptation Island viewers are preparing themselves to go through some hard moments with Erica.

Pic credit: @brit_realbratty/Twiiter

Erica’s supporters wanted to make it clear that Kendal is going to be taking a big L if he loses Erica with his behaviors during this experience and that these supporters will fight for her.

Twitter fans were also making fun of Kendal for his excuse of using the fact they came to the island with no rules as justification for his suspect behavior.

Pic credit: @watchntalks/Twitter

Did Kendal take it too far already?

Even though Erica and Kendal decided to have no boundaries, there are still expectations of common decency in how you act knowing your significant other is going to see it.

On Episode 2, after Kendal snubbed Erica’s warm hello during the date selection, he chose the girl, Alexcys, he had already formed an attraction and connection with, which spelled trouble to viewers.

After continuing his connection with Alexcys on their date, the single girls threw a costume party at the guys villa that got a little wild.

Kendal and Alexcys from Season 3 of Temptation Island
Kendal gets a lap dance from Alexcys, who he has the most chemistry with. Pic credit: USA Network

While there may have been a lot of close contact and feelings shared between Kendal and Alexcys, they have not gone further than a kiss.

Next week’s episode eluded to more activity between the two of them, so viewers will have to wait till next week to see what happens

Fans are hoping to see more positive growth from Erica and anticipate that she comes to realization that she can do better than Kendal.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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