Temptation Island recap: Setting boundaries or getting lap dances?

Erica gives her boyfriend Kendal the side eye as the singles do their best to tempt. Pic credit: USA Network

There were tears, there was booze, and there were some tense and intimate moments between the singles and the people in relationships.

The singles were trying hard to pry the feelings of the boyfriends and girlfriends open to try and get them to enjoy the experience more. This strategy was met with both good, bad, and naughty reactions.

The participants in relationships had some personal breakthroughs by the time it was time for first bonfire.

Who was in struggle city?

Corey had the biggest roller coaster of the episode. He was the most uneasy out of the boyfriends, as he was sulking and crying thinking about what Temptation Island could do to his relationship. After some consoling by the single girls and a costume party popping off, Corey was taking body shots and generally feeling more comfortable.

To make matters worse for Corey, Erin chose her first date with ex-soccer player, Griffin. One of Corey and Erin’s main issues is that Corey feels like he is not good enough compared to her past taste in athletic outgoing men.

The single boys toast with the girls in their villa before getting to know each other better. Pic credit: USA Network

It was obvious that Kristen was feeling overwhelmed and acting standoffish, even going so far as to get into a verbal argument with single, Evan, who said that she is wasting her time not giving more to the experience. He later went on to call her a bitch behind her back.

Both Chelsea and Julian seemed to be adjusting okay this their own villas with the singles as they opened up a little and did a lot of dancing.

Did anyone take it too far?

The issue that Thomas and Chelsea face is that Thomas’s instinct is to be flirty and Chelsea feels like she’s not good enough because of this behavior.

Thomas was very flirty this episode and the singles dug into him and said that he shouldn’t be with someone who is consistently jealous and makes him feel anxious. Chelsea saw this moment play out at the bonfire.

Thomas also got into a verbal altercation with one of the girls, Maya, when he sharply snapped at her after misunderstanding what she was saying.

At the date selection, Erica tried to make eye contact and give an air kiss to Kendal but she was very dismayed when he didn’t even look at her and kept walking.

During the costume party, Kendal and Alexis had visible chemistry, and Erica watched a video at the bonfire of them grinding. Erica broke down and said that Kendal is mature, wise, and advanced, and she doesn’t see herself on his level.

It was clear that Kendal and Alexis had chemistry from the beginning. Pic credit: USA Network

Host Mark Walberg quickly jumped in to rebuttal that statement and reminded her of her value and that she can find even more self-love on the island.

The couples went on their first dates with the singles and started to form some new relationships.

Next week we will see the rest of the girls’ bonfire and begin the boy’s bonfire before the couples go back to their villas to continue their journeys.

This is only the beginning of the adventure and the couples will be adjusting to single life where some will struggle to let go, while others will dive straight into temptation.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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