Temptation Island recap: A spicy start to a wild ride

Temptation Island recap: A spicy start to a wild ride
The couples meet with host, Mark Walberg, before starting on their journey. Pic credit: USA Network

Season 3 of Temptation Island popped off with an introduction to the four couples at a crossroads, who are beginning their journey of dating other people.

This journey involves 11 single women vying for the attention, and possible affection, of the four boyfriends, while 12 single men do the same for the girlfriends.

Viewers were also introduced to the host, Mark Walberg, who will be supporting and guiding the couples during the peaks and valleys of their time dating other people besides their significant others.

The Couples

At the beginning of the episode, we meet the couples who will be embarking on the rocky road to their truths. They will be going on dates with the singles and participating in activities meant to bring them closer together.

The kicker is that the singles were hand-selected based on each person in the couple’s individual interests and attractions.

37-year-old Thomas and 27-year-old Chelsea are Los Angeles residents who met a year ago when Thomas slid into Chelsea’s DM’s. Chelsea’s insecurities and trust issues are compounded by Thomas’s flirtatious personality, but Thomas says he will pass all the tests thrown at him.

Thomas and Chelsea on Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

Corey and Erin are a couple in their mid-20s who have been together for one-and-a-half years.

Erin boasts about being an extrovert, ex-pro soccer player who has dated a list of famous athletic men. Erin’s track record and constant criticism of Corey’s more introverted personality chiseled away Corey’s confidence, leaving the pair in a delicate place.

Corey and Erin on Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

Kendal and Erica have been dating for two-and-a-half years and came to the island with no rules.

Kendal says that he has life planned out and is ready to settle down but wants to find out if this is the relationship he will be moving forward with.

Erica dislikes Kendal’s outlandish ideas of excellence and doesn’t like how he pushes her out of her comfort zone.

Kendal and Erica on Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

Julian and Kristen are a New Jersey couple who have been dating for 11 years. They say they are very much in love, but Kristen needs Julian to prove himself after infidelity on his part has stopped them from moving forward.

Julian and Kristen on Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

The Singles

This season is filled with spicy singles who will try their best to claw their way into the couples’ hearts.

Meeting the singles involved individual introductions from each participant, where they tried to show off their looks and personalities down the catwalk.

The girls from Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

There were some catty moments as those in and outside of the relationships made snide comments at each other during the introductions.

Side eyes and wandering eyes were abundant as the couples got their first look at the competition and temptation.

The guys from Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

The singles made it known that they did not come to play, as each side got to have a mixer with their singles, and viewers got a first look into the interactions taking place.

What is in Store

In the final scene of this episode, the couples sat down to have dinner with Mark and have the last moments with their significant others. Mark then asked the couples to have a final private moment to lay bare anything else they may want to say to each other.

Under the wing of host Mark Walberg, each relationship will be tested, and each participant will grow throughout the process. There will, however, be no shortage of drama in the effort to get these couples to their truths.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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