Temptation Island recap: It’s the things in life you don’t do that you regret

The women of Temptation Island. Pic credit: USA Network

While some of the people in relationships are working toward something real with someone new, others have resigned not to cross any boundaries set with their partners.

This week, the participants had their final and overnight dates with the person of their choosing while the extra two people from each villa were eliminated.

It took some a while to cross the line over to intimacy with their final dates but it did finally happen for a few. Many of the singles brought out the spark in the couples that they needed to gain clarity on their situations.

As a potential future blossoms for the Temptation Islanders, those in relationships still have a tough and emotional road to their conclusions.

There are still a few undecided people on Temptation Island

Julian took the plunge this week as he announced to his final date, Tula, that he plans to propose to Kristen at the final bonfire. On the other side, however, Kristen remained unsure whether or not she can trust him and move past Julian’s previous unfaithfulness.

Julian told his final date Tula that he plans on proposing. Pic credit: USA Network

Corey chose Amanda for his overnight date but admitted he was at a crossroads where he could see himself with Amanda but that he needed to see what Erin had to say before he could move further.

Corey thought Erin was the best he could do but acknowledged that he loves being with Amanda and enjoys that she appreciates him for who he is.

Kendal told Nickole that if he could do things differently, he would have pursued her more, but that he was tied to Alexcys. He chose Alexcys for the final date, not without a showing of jealousy and mixed emotions on Alexcys’s part.

While expressing feelings for both Nickole and Alexcys, Kendal also said that he would still like to be together with Erica, so there was no clear conclusion with his feelings.

Some participants showed that they were emotionally and physically available

Chelsea and Blake keep growing closer and their last night together was spent talking about their future together. They did not sleep in the same room but made it known to each other that they want to be together off the island.

Chelsea and Blake from Temptation Island
Chelsea and Blake made signals about leaving the island together. Pic credit: USA Network

Erica took Jesse on the last date and the pair shared their first kiss and their first night together. Jesse really wanted Erica to understand her value and was happy that he was being given the opportunity to treat her better than she has been by Kendal.

Erica believes she is working towards something real but is also nervous about the final bonfire and what Kendal might say.

Thomas felt the validation to go ahead and psychically be Sophia after seeing Chelsea with Blake at the previous bonfire. The pair discussed their intentions to continue their relationship off the island.

The final bonfire will begin next week and the couples who were at a crossroads in their relationships will have to make some difficult decisions about their futures.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA

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